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First Ever Little Bangkok Sangha Annual Picnic — 39 Comments

  1. Oh bother – as another famous bear would say – I can’t make Saturdays, but it sounds like a great idea! I wish I could join you all 🙁

  2. Cool. I will round up the people I know to put their names down.
    Picnics are based around my second favourite food in the world. Sandwiches.

  3. Wow! A new tradition. How great! And I’ll be back by then. And hopefully not as jetlagged as I was flying to London.

    I do have one suggestion, however. Why not just call it a potluck picnic and your contribution could be the rice/noodles. Perhaps you could bring enough for ~10 people (which is actually a lot). Then everyone else can bring something they’d like to eat. (Which most of the respondents are doing anyhow.)

    That way you don’t need an exact headcount because there’s bound to be enough for everyone. And then you get to let go and enjoy yourself!

    I’ll bring something for sure but whether it’ll be a homemade brown rice salad or just fruit will depend on jetlag.

    What a lovely treat to look forward to upon returning to the warmth and smiles of Bkk!

  4. Oh, I will be late, cant make it for the lunch. Will join later as I have to teach saturdays. Tanya

  5. I just love all these get-togethers before Christmas, so I will be there for sure.:-)
    I will bring some cake, candy, biscuit or anything with a lot of bad sugar.
    See you then,

  6. Fruit is always good. As for ‘potluck’ picnic, some of the men are pretty useless at things like that, So I’ll provide enough rice/noodle things, and then potluck add to that.
    Also there is no wine or beer allowed in the park – so there won’t be any precept breaking !

  7. I will bring a frisbee, cha cha cha and salsa tapes in case there is dancin’ in da picnic park

  8. No work after all – so count me in!

    “Shariputra, in that Buddha-land there are heavenly musical instruments always played on; gold is spread on the ground; and six times every day and night it showers Mandarava blossoms. Usually in the serene morning all those who live in that land fill their plates with those wonderful blossoms, and make offerings to a hundred thousand kotis of Buddhas of other regions; and at the time of the meal they come back to their own country, and take their meal and have a walk. Shariputra, the Sukhavati land is arrayed with such good qualities and adornments.” (The Smaller Amida Sutra)


  9. Suddenly there’s a lot going on this Saturday and taking it easy on Saturday morning after flying in late Friday afternoon seem like a more sensible plan. So it’s looking increasingly unlike that I’ll be one of the Little Bangkok Sangha Picnic charter members after all. Sorry about that. Enjoy yourselves!

  10. Don’t forget to count me and Nat, another friend of mine in na ka. I’ll bring my home made thai food and something to nibble, she’ll bring mixed vegetable and fruit shake. I’m up for cha cha cha and salsa or even frisbee in the park. They even provide bicycle rental for only 20 baht so you can roam around the park(but most of them are bright pink and have a basket at the front.)

    Everybody seems so excited. Cool!!

  11. I’ll be there…and having chatted with Venerable, I’ll be bringing the plates, cups and forks/spoons along with something to eat. But does anyone have a cooler that we might use??


  12. Cool. Glad you are all in! I will mail everyone tomorrow, but I think its all organised – at the very least there are shops and places nearby so we can go over to buy things if needed. Many of you don’t know each other, but thats normal – just come along and join in. You are all part of the LB Sangha even if you don’t know it. Should be fun.

  13. Does any one have a sound system? I will bring cha cha cha & salsa CDs. With a mini-sound system we can dance in da picnic park. Thank you soooooo much.


  15. Great event!!! Thank you, Bante, for the inspiration & other Bangers for the enthusiastic participation. For the First Ever Annual Picnic, it was a great start. Can’t remember when I ate so much. Ooof! Next year, more egg salad.
    Thanks Everyone!
    With metta,