Jayasaro Pak Chong trip

ธรรมะ โดย พระอาจารย์ชยสาโร

Pak Chong trip to see Ajahn Jayasaro

There always used to be group trips to see Ajahn Jayasaro in Pak Chong – but the group split up some years back. So we took over the job. We will be running these trips every 3 months or so from now on.

Ajahn Jayasaro wishes to be firmly retired in his hermitage in Pak Chong, NE of Bangkok. He does a dharma talk at the venue in Thai on the first and third Sunday’s of the month, that is open to the public, but otherwise the gates to his hillside remain closed to visitors. It is in a private family compound so it is not allowed for the public to go see him except on scheduled events. Every so often we will arrange for the English language talk with him in the same place.

If you are looking to book Ajahn Jayasaro for a public talk, please note that he is not accepting invitations any more. If you are in Bangkok looking for an English language dhamma speaker he said to invite Pandit Bhikkhu as his official replacement. If you are just after someone famous, who has been on Thai TV, then better explore other options.

It’s good day trip out to Pak Chong for these events, but it is not just for the Dhamma talk. It’s a chance to meet for breakfast at the delightful Baan Aree for vegetarian food – this is a great place to get on your radar, and has lots of dhamma events in Thai, and occasionally in English also.

Then we head up to Pak Chong which takes about 2 hours if the traffic is not heavy. We lunch at a nice restaurant called Rabieng View. If you are driving up yourself, you are welcome to meet the group there. Food is ok, prices are ok (for the Thai food anyway), and the morning air is very nice and cool. If you want to spend the night, this place also has rooms for rent.

We then head to Baan Bun for the Dhamma talk, which is only a few minutes drive away. A short meditation, talk and Q&A is the usual format, and most people know Ajahn Jayasaro is a consistently good speaker. You can find many of his talks on Youtube and other sites.

For the return trip from now on we will stop off at Chok Chai dairy farm for ice-cream, because you lay people are not able to go for more than a few hours without eating something! And because it is nice 🙂

Home trip is usually 2hr 45 mins due to traffic.

All in all, it is a nice day out of Bangkok, a nice chance to meet with some of the other yogis and absorb some dhamma from one of the most influential Western monk’s in Thailand.


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  1. Hi

    Can we join in for ajahn jayasaro’s dharma talk? Will there be any arranagement to go up in December?

    Pls advise.

    1. Sign up for the trip will in August will be announced in July.
      A. Jayasaro will likely give a talk in Bangkok in November. Following trip to Pakchong will be January. It all goes on the website here when the details are ready to be announced.

  2. btw, does ajahn jayasaro conduct any meditation retreat for lay people?

    Pls advise.

  3. Could someone please advise me as how I could contact Anjhan Jayasaro. Many thanks x

  4. Thank you for your detailed info about Ajahn Jayasaro’s activities. Is it possible to be on a mailing list to know where and when he is giving Damma Talks?
    Does he have a personal assistant who looks after his activities?

    May you all be peaceful in coming New year.


  5. Dear Respected littlebang: You pose an excellent question. Yes, my main & ultimate interest is in dhamma. I have done 10 day Vipassana and have been doing meditation and have followed quite few monks on internet. However, after following Ven. Ajahan Jayasaro I have gotten more clarification on many of key Buddhist points than before. Thus, I have a great desire to spend some personal time with him to progress in my sadhana.
    FYI, I have signed up with your sanga communication newsletters.
    Since at this point my home is California, USA I want to see what best time I can spend with Ajahan J. So, your help in informing about trip to his talks will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you and may you be peaceful.

    1. Ok – you’ll get our notifications then. Next trip to Pak Chong will be perhaps late feb or in march. We’ll do maybe 3 trips this year. I can’t help you on his other engagements – they are few and far between.

  6. Hello, do you know if Ajahn Jayasarro gives a talk this weekend? And if so, could I have the address of the hood hermitage? Please and thank you.

  7. I love Ajahn Jayasaro talks, hope to have the oportunity to meet him once in my lifetime… Next August I have to go to India, could join one of your trips inJuly or september. Let me know the perspectives in advance, have to buy tickets by april/May (I am from Brazil).



  8. About 30 yrs ago, i listened to my first talk by ajahn, then got invited to stay at monostary. Last week, so pleased to listen to talk in chiang mai . How the years melt away. Living a pure life certainly seems to agree with ajahn jayasaro, and was very pleased to see him in good health. His talk full of wisdom.
    Would like to get copies of books. Is there copies available bangkok?

  9. I would love to joy yr trip to pak Chong.
    When is the next trip?

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