Little Bangkok Sangha Opening

September 2007, Baan Aree

Starting with a big bang

The first set of talks under the banner of Little Bangkok Sangha

It is odd to think of it now, but this was a completely new idea. In 2007 there was no Dhamma in English in Bangkok, Thailand. Only a lack luster monthly gathering at the WFB, and that was often cancelled. No one had thought of holding events in English for dhamma and meditation – there was no forum and no where to do PR. I had to print very low quality posters and try to put them up around town – a very labour intensive method!

people come and go, and come back

A few of these people are still around. People come and go. But I recall I was not a regular temple visitor in the UK, but I really appreciated it being there.meditation in samadhi in 07We were the first group to use the Hall at Baan Aree. Getting the word out was the big problem. Also, I was very uncomfortable being the speaker. It takes time to get accustomed to being on stage. in 07 there was no dhamma in English

Dr Holly was there from the start, encouraging the whole affair. Her support was unstinting. Neither of us knew how this would develop. We changed Bangkok!the first dhamma talks in Bangkok07 dhamma talks

The first week we had about 70 people. Which was nerve wracking to say the least. it was intended as a once a year thing 2007 this was a new idea

Very lonely up there on stage! Now there are various events going on around Bangkok, with people that we brought together!at Baan Aree - the first people to use their new salathat night was torrential rain but we had 30+ peopleIn Baan Aree on the 4th week

Some regular yogis – Lee is at the back there. He’s also been around from the start, and always has been very encouraging.Herb - who we got to know wellpeople come and go, and come backuntil us, there was no real dhamma in English

Sarah describing the rain!

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