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His Holiness Phakchok Rinpoche, who led a series of talks and events in a number of places last year, will be returning to Bangkok for a week in April from Friday 16th to Sunday 26th.

As he did last year, H.H. will be leading events almost every day while he is here, at several locations. Most events will be in English with Thai translation, but  specially for our Little Bangkok Sangha on Sunday 26th will be in English only, will be an informal lunch followed by afternoon Dhamma talk at the Tai Pan Hotel (Sukhumvit 23).

Topic relates to Amitabha Buddha – from the Pure Land teaching that through certain practises one can gain rebirth in a special Buddha realm, from where one can gain enlightenment.

If you are coming for the lunch please leave your name in the comments box below. Please note this is not exactly a reservation, but an indication of numbers so we can arrange food.

There will be enough space for the lunches (if you have left a note below) but the meeting room for the talk will be a tight squeeze.


     HH Phakchok Rinpoche


Date, Place and Time:

     Sunday 26th April

     Tai Pan Hotel, 300m along Sukhumvit 23

     11:30 Lunch (Please leave a comment below if you will come for lunch – we have to tell the hotel how many will come.)

    Updated Schedule (4th April)  1pm – 3:45 pm  Striaght – no break. (Talk on level 5 of the Hotel)

     Lunch is 206 baht for the famous Tai Pan Buffet. Contributions to room hire welcome (we pay 2500 baht total  for the hire) [Room hire has been generously donated]


     Who is Amitabha Buddha?

     What is Buddha Land (Sukavasit)?

     What skilful means take one there?

     Through the millenniums, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist practitioners have enjoyed an intimate relationship with Amitābha Buddha because of his unique vow to allow sentient beings who have one-pointed faith in him to be reborn in his pure land called the Western Pure Land of Great Bliss (Pali Sukhāvati) despite having heavy negative karma. Mahayana has its own methods of practice that will allow the devotees upon their death to be reborn in that Buddhafield without having to undergo further rounds of cyclic existence.
Vajrayana, which is also known as the Skillful Vehicle, does not disappoint with an abundance of skillful methods to help its disciples to go to the pure land of Amitābha Buddha. If we have great faith, devotion, compassion, and intelligence, we should learn and practice at least some of these simple skillful means, which will help ourselves and others to not only die well but also be reborn in the Pure Land of Great Bliss, so that we can all become enlightened swiftly.

For this occasion Phakchok Rinpoche kindly agreed to make some very special prayers known as Liberation Upon Hearing and aspiration prayers to be reborn in the pure lands to benefit all attendees and their loved ones. It is customary in Mahayana and Vajrayana to make special requests for these prayers to help those who are sick and those who have passed away. So, attendees can submit names via the organizer at the entrance to the conference room, if they want. All those names will be put up on the wall or bulletin board, if available, so everyone can help to pray for them.


Goto Asoke BTS or Underground line. Walk East and go down Sukhumvit 23 for 336 meters (thanks Google Earth). Turn left into the Tai Pan Hotel. Restaurant is on the ground floor as you enter the building. Make sure to come and say hello when you arrive and meet some of the other characters.

Map to Tai Pan Hotel - Sukhumvit 23


Tai Pan Hotel

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  1. Hi,

    This is wonderful! Sign me up for the lunch and talk please!

    I’m already signed up for the Pure Land! 😉

    All beings, one Buddha-nature,
    Namu Amitabul, Kwan Seum Bosal!

    All beings, one Buddha-nature,
    Namu Amitabul, Kwan Seum Bosal!

    All beings, one Buddha-nature,
    Namu Amitabul, Kwan Seum Bosal!

    Praise to Amida Buddha!
    Praise to the Bodhisattva of Compassion!

    With palms together,

    Seok Jeong (Marcus!)


  2. I would like to signed up for 2 persons for the lunch and talk.
    Isabelle and Nick
    Thanks a lot!

  3. Phra Frank (the elder) comments;


    I attended a talk by HH Phakchok Rinpoche at Siam Society…he had a WONDERFUL air of Metta and was an EXTREMELY entertaining speaker!

    Perhaps Martin and I can make it ot the Sundau Tai Pan gathering.


    Phra Frank

  4. Thank you all for leaving the messages. Don’t worry if you can’t come on the day – we don’t have place names, it is just to guage how many people to tell the Hotel to prepare for.

    Khun Channaphach
    Khun Chimrat
    Khun Natacha

    are all booked in too.

  5. I’d be flying in from Hong Kong to attend the lunch and talk – could you please reconfirm there’s still place available for 1 person – Thank you.

  6. Please include my name both in your list both lunch and talk. I will be there. Thank you very much. (from KittipongC.)

  7. Phra Pandit,

    I’ll be very pleased to pick-up the 2500 THB for the facility charge.


  8. Hello my Dharma friends,
    Three of us will go to the TaiPan Lunch together, please reserve for us. TKS ——yen chu

  9. I will be coming up to Bangkok, and would like to attend the meal and the talk. Thanks.

    Hope you are keeping well,

    All the Best,

    Bill Z

  10. Hey,

    Please count me in for the talk, and possibly for lunch too!

    Thank you


  11. Thank you for organizing this. I will be there for both lunch and talk. Best wishes, E.

  12. Hi,
    Is there still a few seats for lunch available? If so, I’d like to sign up for 2. If not, could I just attend the talk session?

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