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Hitchhikers guide to Buddhism — 8 Comments

  1. You have captured in material goods why I find studying buddhism in Thailand so internally acceptable…

  2. Hi Bill,

    I just clicked on your name and was taken to a blog on golf tips! LOL! I’m sure that’s not the blog you want to post this essay on!

    Of course I can’t speak for Littlebang in any way at all, but I’d have thought that a link to this article would be sufficient rather than re-posting it. Or a blog entry saying how good you found it and then directing your readers towards it.

    Just my personal, un-asked-for, opinion!


  3. It seems to be true. But after years of hitchhiking and fun there comes to be a question of “Is a solid vehicle more reliable moving through the journey of life? The use of spare parts and assorted idealogical beliefs has left me wondering if they haven’t steered me down the wrong road altogether. Have others who took the time to really sort out all the options available and choose one vehicle, arrived somewhere greener? Are they where they are because of the vehicle they drove or are they there because no matter what vehicle they drove that is where they are meant to be? Sometimes the grass seems greener, but then, if now is all there ever really is and there is no final destination, the grass will do just fine right here. And what about vehicles that are made for carrying baggage…..did that affect the course of this journey? It seems all illusory anyway, but maybe it isn’t and at some point maybe all the hitchhiking will prove to have been effective, and maybe it won’t. Maybe a car was never needed at all….maybe it should have been an airplane.