Informal Qi Gong – Sunday

Special Qi Gong (Meditation in movement) with Sachie – short notice

Sunday 26th April
at the Little Bangkok meditation studio, Ekkamai

This is short notice, but we’ll hold an informal Qi Gong and meditation session with visiting Japanese Qi Gong teacher Sachie, who lives in Chiang Mai. Sachie has been involved with meditation for a long time, but specialises in Qi Gong, which is meditation in movement.

Actually we tried to set up various sessions with her but for one reason or another venues and schedules did not work out. So we’ll hold a small short notice, informal session on Sunday.

Qi Gong involves bringing the attention to the centre of the body, where the ‘Chi’ is based – this is a vibrant energy that can be distinctly felt (not imagined). It takes some concentration and mindfulness, which makes it a great aid to meditation – in the same way as walking meditation works. Meditating after Qi Gong is great!

The movements are much more gentle and attainable compared to Yoga. You don’t need to be super flexible or under 30 years old! (even the notoriously stiff jointed Pandit can do it!).

  • 1-2pm Meditation in Movement (walking/Qi Gong) – taking mindfulness out of the sitting posture and maintaining it while moving. The focus is on Qi Gong as a mindfulness practise.
  • 2:30-3:30 – Qi Gong for beginners – Some of the basic routines for beginners to get a taste of Qi Gong
  • 3:30-4:30 – Consultation, for anyone wanting to further their experience of Qi Gong there will be some time for one-to-one questions with Sachie.

As it is such short notice we expect to have only a small group, which is good for interaction and specific questions and issues.

Here is the poster from the sessions we’d set up with Sachie at Yoga Elements (those sessions are now cancelled, so don’t turn up there!) with some of her Bio.



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