Introduction to Zen Meditation
Wednesday 1st July

with Myong An Sunim (Korean Zen Bhikkhu)



  • Afternoon session on a National Bank Holiday, introducing Zen meditation, Korean style.
  • With visiting Korean-Zen Bhikkhu Myong An Sunim
  • 1:00-3:30pm – ‘Freestyle’ session, with meditation, instructions, questions, and anything else!
  • Reservation not required. Free of charge (donation)


Zen and Zazen   

As it is a bank holiday, we’ll take advantage of our visiting Korean-Zen monk (from Malaysia) for an open style afternoon of Zen Meditation. Not everyone has the day off, but that’s fine – a smaller group is more fun for this kind of open session.

Zen Buddhism is a particular form of Mahayana Buddhism –

Everybody says, “I” – “I want this, I am like that…” But nobody understands this “I.” Before you were born, where did your I come from? When you die, where will your I go? If you sincerely ask, “what am I?” sooner or later you will run into a wall where all thinking is cut off. We call this “don’t know.”

Zen is keeping this “don’t know” mind always and everywhere.

When walking, standing, sitting,
lying down, speaking, being
silent, moving, being still.
At all times, in all places, without
interruption – what is this?
One mind is infinite kalpas.

You should find that the Zen approach sheds a fresh perspective on mindfulness practise.

Get some more idea of this Zen approach from their main website here



Myong An Sunim is Malaysian Bhikku practising Zen in the Korean tradition.

sunimIn the 1970’s, he was sent to the UK for further education, ended up with a master’s degree and worked there for a number of years.

He later returned to Asia and it was whilst working in Hong Kong in 1992 that he met and became the student of Korean Zen Master Seung Sahn (1927 – 2004).

After doing a few 3 month winter retreats in Korea, he decided to go there to ordain as a monk under the guidance of Zen Master Seung Sahn. He eventually stayed there for seventeen years practising Zen.

He returned to Malaysia in 2013 and established Haeng Won Zen Centre in Penang.



‘APARTMENTS’ Little Bangkok Meditation Centre

The center is a 4 minute walk from Ekkamai BTS Station.

Enter Ekkamai (Sukhumvit Soi 63). Turn left into the second soi (lane). Bourbon street restaurant is on the corner. We’re the third building on the right, in the ‘APARTMENTS‘ building. Go up to the top floor. See the excellent map – it is very precise!

There is parking at Max value accessible from Soi 63 or 61, at Wat Taht Tong temple, and Gateway opposite Ekkamai.



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