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Invite – Frank’s Ordination — 6 Comments

  1. Frank! I’ve seen you the last 2 sundays and your ordination has been all the gossip! Therefore you will have to squeeze me in (I’m the 6 foot blonde, so good luck with the squeeze part) P.S. I’ll try not to be a gawky on-looker, but this is going to be so very interesting of an experience.

  2. Hi,

    I don’t know about ordaining, but, you know, a formal taking refuge/precepts ceremony would be a great idea.

    I took refuge in a Korean temple last year with a number of my Dharma brothers from our Sangha in Seoul, the ceremony was carried out by our teacher and a number of monks from the temple and was a very significant and wonderful event for all of us.

    I’m sure such a thing here would be very popular and just as meaningful and beautiful.

    All the best,


  3. Yes – nice to see everyone. I will post some explanations of the ceremony if I get time.

    So who will we be ordaining next ? Any contenders ?