Kathmandu Meditation

Khun Morakot, a Thai lady fluent in English and experienced in meditation, will lead her monthly session at Kathmandu Books shop, Silom area. She has experience in a number of meditation lineages, and especially the use of meditation (or just counselling) for cancer patients in the hospitals.

The room only fits about 10  to 12  people so you must book your place in advance by calling Kathmandu books on 02 234 6700 . It is a charming setting and teacher so take advantage. This announcement won’t go in the main events listing since space is limited, so only the observant Littlebang readers will catch it. There are 2 excellent and cheap Indian Restaurants opposite for lunch afterwards.

Announcement runs as follows:

Healing Meditation

Simple  meditation techniques exclusively for healing
from Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, Yoga, New Age etc. 

Sunday 15 of March, 2009
From 10.00-11.30 am
 at Kathmandu Photo Gallery and Book Shop
 87 Pan Road, off Silom Road
(near Indian Temple)
BTS Surasak or Chongnonsi
Admission is free but donation is welcome
 Open to beginners and to open minded meditators
 Please book your place in advance
Kathmandu 02-234-6700
If you are not comfortable on the floor, and wish to sit on a chair,  please also let Kathmandu know in advance.

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4 replies on “Kathmandu Meditation”

  1. Looks very interesting, I will go, so please book one place for me.
    Many thanks

  2. OK Alice I will call and book for you. I will be there and so look forward to seeing you. Stay for lunch afterwards, if you like Indian food.
    For others, for this event you MUST call yourself, as I don’t know when they are full up. There are only some 12 spaces (maximum), so contact the shop directly to reserve your seat.

  3. I will announce closer to the time – but generally it will be the second weekend of each month, on the Sunday. So at a guess, should be the 12th April.

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