Kayan Yogi program

For a long time I have invited speakers to give talks and lead sessions in Bangkok. Plus the occasional day-long session or weekend retreat.

But really – if you want to progress in real Buddhism, the experiential practise, you have to put bum to cushion and keep up a regular meditation practise that is a genuine part of your daily life.

Joining with others is a vital element in this, which is why some of us ordain as monks and nuns – it can be pretty hard giving up a lot of things and freedom, but the regularity of group focus in the temple is invaluable.

So this year we’re holding a special program during the Vassa (Rains Retreat). The Kayan Yogi group.

You have to join before the 23rd of July, which is when the official Rains retreat begins – or wait until next year! It involves a commitment to keep up a daily 30 minute meditation practise which is deliberately marked out with a verbal and physical gesture (bowing and chanting). It only takes a few minutes to do, but you will see a huge effect in your daily life.

We won’t be admitting late-comers
so sign up before 23rd July

or you must wait until next year !

It is only by really making a deliberate effort (even if only for 30 minutes a day) that you can really keep the meditation with you.

The plan is that everyone in the program will form a bond in being a “Kayan Yogi” – kayan means diligent in Thai.

We’ll have a private webpage unavailable to anyone outside the group – it is just for those signed up. And a special lunch together at the end of the 3 month Vassa period. If you like afterwards, we can even give you a ‘Kayan’ alumni certificate too!

If you can keep up the daily practise, but are not in Bangkok, you are welcome to join also. You will have to report with a paragraph each week on the private webpage, to say you are still keeping it up. This is because making the statement to the others strengthens your resolve. It also is you giving a big encouragement to the others to keep up their practise too! And in Buddhism, the highest act of giving is that of Dhamma.

The Rains Retreat, known as the Vassa period, is a special time in monasteries around the world, where the residents agree to stay in the temple for 3 months and undergo special teachings and trainings, and importantly, make resolutions. This is the first time you at home will have chance to do the same.

Ok – so only if you are keen, if you are ‘Kayan’ about meditation, head on to the detailed announcement.

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  1. Looking forward to learning more about Theravada Buddhism and developing my meditation techniques.

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