Love and Relationships – Shambhala group, Mon 28 Feb

The announcement below comes by way of Jamie and the Bangkok Shambhala group – so please couble check information yourself if you are intending to go along …

Love & Relationships on the Spiritual Path
Meditation & Dharma talk by Lama Yeshe Nyingpo
Monday, February 28th, 7:00 – 9:00 pm
At the Bangkok Shambhala Meditation Center

CenterFolders/Boulder_SC/bodhisattva_with_flower.jpgHaving a happy and healthy love life is one of the most challenging and magical experiences for anyone on the spiritual path.
How to establish basic sanity and benevolent wisdom as partners and as parents?
How to make one’s love relationship – transient by nature – a source of everlasting joy and celebration?
How meditation can provides practical help and inspiration in making one’s life meaningful?
Lama Yeshe will discuss this topic in an open and informal, interactive basis.
Everyone is welcome!

Lama Yeshe Nyingpo (from France), was a student of Guendun Rinpoche for over sixteen years, as well as others enlightened masters such as Dilgo khyentse and Shamar Rinpoche.  He has received transmissions and practiced both Mahamudra and Dzogchen, and completed two, three year and three month retreats, after which he was appointed Drupon (retreat master) for fifteen more years. 

In 1997, after Lama Gendun Rinpoche passed away, Shamar Rinpoche, regent of the Kagyu lineage, confirmed that responsibility by asking him to perpetuate the transmission of Lama Gendun Rinpoche’s teachings.
Lama Yeshe is now a lay (non-monastic) lama, who is married, and lives in France. He has been to coming to Thailand almost every year since 2003.  He is the author of two books (in French), Tara Verte (Green Tara), and Dordjé Sempa: Pratiques préliminaires du Mahamoudra (Dorje Sempa: The Practice Preliminaries of Mahamudra).  Lama Yeshe teaches meditation in an open, informal, non-dogmatic way.

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4 replies on “Love and Relationships – Shambhala group, Mon 28 Feb”

  1. WARNING: after having been entrusted as a retreat master by late Gendun Rinpoche, Jean Louis Blanchet, ex-lama Yeshe Nyingpo, has been expelled from Kundrol Ling monastery after he admited repeated sexual abuse on female students. He has lost his credentials from the Karma Kagyu hierarchy and has been forbidden to teach as a lama under the Karma Kagyu banner.
    Thus, he is a brilliant conman who knows how to impress his audience with buddhist knowledge in order to gain financial advantage and sexual favors from naive and often psychologicaly fragile female spiritual seekers. He is highly dangerous and very clever in the art of skipping questions and cover his true perverted nature behind a smart and peaceful mask.
    I was one of his several humble students and I am still taking the buddhist teachings close to heart. That’s why I want to warn any serious buddhist follower to stay away from this confused and neurotic guru who seeks only his personal sake regardless to the suffering he spreads around him. Jean Louis Blanchet is a disgrace and an insult to the Buddhadharma and should be known as such.
    There are evidences to all these claims. The buddhist center he was kicked out is Dhagpo Kaguy Ling in France. Check on your own.
    PS: the topic of his present conference is an act of shameless scorn and sneer to all his victims.

    Zombie Heruka

  2. I´m really shocked that Shambala invites Jean-Luis Blanchet “Yeshe Nyingpo”. He promised never to teach again.
    I dont understand why Cittasamvaro has announced his course here, we informed him already in December about Jean-Luis Blanchet “Yeshe Nyingpo”.
    I´m also a former student of him and live next to his ancient monastery.

    1. I can’t remember all the names – I did not know this was the same person previously referred to. I also know that all public fugures have their critics, and also their supporters, so I try not to judge. Still, I had removed this event from the front page events listing, but left the post here in case anyone had read it and was searching for it again.

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