Magha Puja Day, with Jeff Oliver


Monday 25th February

Magha Puja Day

This is one of the 5 big days in the Buddhist Calendar, celebrating a time when 1250 fully enlightened disciples of the Buddha spontaneously came together for a Sangha gathering. Here the Buddha gave his famous summary of his teaching called “The Ovadhapatimokha”.

  • To cease from all evil
  • To do what is good
  • To Purify the Mind
So in this tradition, we will have our own spontaneous gathering (albeit with 2 days notice!). We’ll meet at the Dance Centre, Suk 31 (map below) for a short Puja and refuges with Pandit Bhikkhu, and then dhamma talk with Jeff Oliver.
  • 6:00pm gather
  • 6:30 brief introduction to what Magha Puja means, and refuge taking (feel free to just observe)
  • 6:50 dhamma talk with Jeff Oliver
  • 7:30 Q&A
  • 8:00 finish

Dhamma Talk with Australian meditation teacher
Jeff Oliver

‘From the Complex to the Simple’

Sometimes the Buddha spoke at length and with great complexity. But on Magha Puja he gave a very pithy summary of the teaching – sometimes it pays to keep the teaching simple.

Event is free of charge – donations welcome.

Jeff is a well known meditation teacher who is well known to our group here in Bangkok. Hailing from Australia, he spends much of the year travelling supporting various dhamma groups, most particularly in Turkey, Malaysia and Thailand. His talks are always insightful, and well delivered.

Jeff practised for some 8 years as a Buddhist monk under the tutelage of one of the world’s eminent masters Sayadaw U Janaka, practising Vipassana (Insight) meditation. Currently he also spends some of his practise time with another world respected master Sayadaw U Tejaniya, focusing on mindfulness of mind states.

Dance Centre

The Dance Centre is situated along Sukhumvit Soi 31.
The easy way is to go to Asoke BTS or MRT, walk to Soi 31 and take a 10 baht motor cycle to ‘Dance Centre’ – they know the way!

If you prefer your own legs as transport, the dance centre is a 15 minute walk from Phrom Phong BTS. Click the map below for a larger, easy to print version.