Monday May 27th

ANNAPURNA restaurant

Come to Meet and Eat at our favourite Indian Vegetarian Restaurant, with Pandit Bhikkhu.

Food is low cost, and good. We have the restaurant to ourselves. It’s quiet and air-con! Non-veg food can also be ordered from the Annapurna menu (veg menu is separate menu and kitchen).

You don’t have to know anyone personally, anyone is welcome, to share an interest in meditation, yoga, or just Indian food! This is just an informal gathering, to catch up with or find out about some of the other meditators.


Annapunra is on Tanon Pan (near Indian Temple, Silom). Meet anytime around or after 11am. Leave when you wish. No rules, just lunch, chat and plan stuff 🙂

Nearest skytrain station is Surasak. From there it is less than an 8 minute walk. The seriously hot or lazy can taxi from Surasak for 37 baht..

Click the wonderful clear map for an even larger version!

3 replies on “Meet and Eat”

  1. Humm!! Pity Monday I work I will prefer this event on Sunday or Saturday;)

  2. Back in Wales Pandit!missing all the talks an meet an eat, please keep me posted on events will be back soon thanks.

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