Every Thursday Evening


6:30-8:15pm @ Rojana Center, Asoke


Every Thursday evening we hold a Qi Gong session, followed by mindfulness meditation, at the Rojana Center, near Asoke.

A new routine, not available elsewhere (unless you rent the video) – so if you fancy a happy spleen (yes, a happy spleen)  …. spleens might not evoke a sense of beauty, but this really is a beautiful gentle Qi gong flow – good if you are not 25 years old with a yoga body; even us old folk can do it!

Qi Gong is a gentle movement form of standing movement that does not require previous experience, nor a lithe yoga body! Our teacher Marisa takes you through it very fluidly (by video) and comes in person when she is in Bangkok.

Mindfulness (vipassana) is a meditation practice coming from Buddhism, but now researched and applied in various psychological fields. Experience is assumed for the meditation sessions – beginners are welcome, but for beginner meditation instructions, please consider our Monday evening sessions instead.

There is no need to reserve a spot – there is plenty of room.

There is no charge, but donations are welcome

  • 6:30 gather at the Rojana Center (beverages provided)
  • 6:45-7:30 Qi Gong
  • 7:40-8:15 Meditation


About Qi Gong:

Qi Gong is a gentle form of movement meditation, that arouses the Qi (Chi) in the center of the body. Both the balancing effect and the energy movement makes the following meditation particularly great. 

The Qi Gong is led by Marisa Cranfil-Young, who is our regular Qi Gong teacher, by video. Marisa’s approach takes us through the movements fluidly in a continuous movement meditation. She comes regularly to Bangkok, and we host her live when we have the chance. Other Qi Gong teachers will be invited from time to time too.

Next scheduled days for live sessions with Marisa are for

  • Thursday 4th August 
  • Thursday 11th August
  • (possibly Thursday 18th too)


About Mindfulness Meditation:

Mindfulness is a form of meditaiton that develops a quiet observational quality with the attention firmly anchored to the present moment. The awareness developed filters through into daily life and starts to bring about a change in consciousness. It is a lifelong practice though – don’t expect sudden enlightenment!

Brief instructions, tips and tricks regarding mindfulness will be given each week assuming some experience. Beginners are also welcome, but our Monday evenings feature instructions for getting started.


Getting there:

  Please follow the map. It is VERY precise. It is easy to find: there are only one or two turns depending on which direction you are coming from. It is an 11 minute walk from Asoke BTS and even closer to Sukhumvit MRT

Go down Sukhumvit 23 to the first four way intersection. Turn right, and then turn right again at the end of the road.

Or just ask the motorcycles inside Sukhumvit 23 – they know the way.


Or if you need more definite pointers:Rojana-arrows

A few tips:

  • Don’t ask locals or taxi drivers the way – they will not know the Rojana Centre, and will send you somewhere else instead. They will all know Sukhumvit 23, so go there and find your own way.
  • Follow the map – plenty of landmarks are shown and it it extremely precise!
  • In Thai the centre is known as Rojanatam 
  • Quite a few other foreigners will be heading there at the same time.

Here is the Google Map link, if you prefer this method

Here are the GPS coordinates if you prefer : 13.739356, 100.564748

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