Mindfulness: The Art of Getting It Done and Letting It Go with Venerable Phra Napan Thawornbanjob

You are cordially invited to join us on 6 May 2024, when Venerable Phra Napan will be leading the Monday night meditation at Baan Aree, the beautiful location so generously made available to us by the Baan Aree Foundation.

Ven. Phra Napan will give a Dhamma talk entitled Mindfulness: The Art of Getting It Done and Letting It Go.

Everyone is welcome, from beginners to experienced meditators. We meet to support and encourage each other in our practice.

Baan Aree is a Thai Buddhist Center, please wear something that is comfortable to sit in, and avoid tight-fitting clothes, shorts, sleeveless tops, and short skirts. There may not be sufficient drinking water on site, therefore you may bring your own water in a closed container. No other food/drinks are allowed in the main room.

As is usual with Buddhist teachings, there is no charge for this event. However, the Little Bangkok Sangha follows the Buddhist custom of Dana (generosity). The teachings and the venue are offered as an act of generosity, and those receiving them can, if they wish, reciprocate by making donations. These go towards the teacher’s and venue’s costs. Boxes for Dana will be provided.

· 6:00 pm Baan Aree opens
· 6:30 pm Dhamma talk
· 7:30 pm Q&A
· 7:45 pm Session ends
· 8:00 pm Baan Aree closes

Venerable Phra Napan Thawornbanjob is the Assistant abbot of Wat Saket (the beautiful Golden Mount Temple in Bangkok) and the Founding Chair of Institute of Buddhist Management for Happiness and Peace (IBHAP) Foundation.  Phra Napan has spent several decades devoting himself to peace-building and promoting development in society. His work with IBHAP combines the Buddhist wisdom of Thailand with Social Marketing to encourage collaboration and promote positive changes that are in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), namely the “5Ps”, People, Prosperity, Planet, Peace and Partnership. His work is recognised internationally as well as at the national and local levels. Included among the many projects he has pioneered is the TV program, True Little Monks which he hosted as anchorman, and establishing programs to empower young monastics to become change agents in the world. As the head of IBHAP, Venerable Napan is a frequent contributor to international conferences aimed at bringing about peace. Within Thailand, he has assisted with peace initiatives in the South of Thailand and launched several environmental projects concerned with global warming including zero waste management. More details about Phra Napan’s work can be found on:
www.facebook.com/tiknapan and www.facebook.com/IBHAP

We hope to arrange a live broadcast of this talk on our Facebook group and the Baanaree YouTube channel: https://www.facebook.com/groups/littlebangkoksangha https://www.youtube.com/@Baanaree2020 as well as to record it for later viewing.