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  1. Venerable Sir and Kind Dhamma Friends

    I hope your cold season retreat went well and that little bang reteats will prosper and multiply.

    I couldn’t attend because, as you may know, I was busy finishing off my last subject for the coursework of my MA. It was History of Pali Literature with Ajahn Thiab. He arranged a block course which ended up being between the 6th to the 30th (seems timetables get settled very late here and we didn’t know when we were starting till a few days before, the flooding exacerbated things). Tomorrow is my last class and the exam is on Friday.

    I’d like to say goodbye to you all and wish you all speedy progress on the path to the ending of suffering in this very life. On Sunday I should be flying to India (dependent on the approval of a very late application for visa) on invitation to teach in Nagpur for one week. As well as that, I intend to go to Bodh Gaya and Nalanda University. I may come back to stay in Thailand, who knows, but probably in Kanchanaburi, in Wat Tham Khao Phuun, near my ordination temple.

    Kind Regards