Movie date: Sat 18th July

Movie date: Life After Life???

Here’s the sticky point for many Westerners. Buddhism teaches that there is rebirth, that one revolves in Samsara from life to life, birth to death, over and over.

Many of us thought there would not even be life after the Y2K crash …

For some reason this one point is something that Westerner’s find hard to swallow. Yet not only is it a real part of the teaching, but it is central to ‘Right View’. Just for fun, we will be looking at these questions – all opinions are allowed.

  • New (or Old) Age nonsense ?
  • What is the difference between reincarnation and rebirth?
  • What is it that is reborn?
  • Are you really supposed to believe in rebirth?
  • What influences your rebirth destination?

Life After Life

Lunch and movie at the Tai Pan hotel, Suk 23

Saturday 18th July


The usual format : meet for lunch between 11 and 12 for the Tai Pan Buffet. It is 206 baht per person, which is paid to the hotel directly.  The food is excellent, and well priced. Lunch is a nice informal way to meet some of the other people. There is always a good crowd and interesting characters …

After lunch, at around 1pm we’ll move up to the meeting room on level 5 for the movie.  You are welcome to just come for lunch, or just for the movie, or both. But so that we can tell the Hotel how many people to expect for the lunch please leave a comment below if you think you will be coming.


Life after Life: American new age style movie listing evidence from Near Death Experiences that suggests that death is only the beginning.

Following we’ll look at a more balanced British documentary about a boy who recalls his previous life (or does he?)

Interspersed will be lots of chance to argue, debate, and express your view; politely of course.

Room hire is 2500 baht which we’ll share between us, which is a special discount price for our group and includes projector. The room is quiet and air-conditioned.


It’s been too long since our previous movie dates and lunches, so make the effort to come if you can. In August and Sept we’ll be busy with weekly  Dhamma talks and some one day meditation workshops, so this might be the last chance for a while for a social gathering. Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone, or have not been before – we’ll all be mixing seats at a couple of long tables, so no one is left out.


Goto Asoke BTS or Underground line. Walk East and go down Sukhumvit 23 for 336 meters (thanks Google Earth). Turn left into the Tai Pan Hotel. Restaurant is on the ground floor as you enter the building. Make sure to come and announce yourself – or they might not give you our discounted price for lunch!

Map to Tai Pan Hotel - Sukhumvit 23

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  1. oh, interesting topic! wish I could be there but will be back in the US for a few weeks.


  2. See you guys & gals & the high priest of Buddhism (Phra Pundit Pandit).

  3. Count me in for lunch and movie/discussion. Thanks for arranging another interesting topic…with food!! 🙂

  4. As was so famously chanted by he so recently departed:
    “I’ll be there ”

    With Metta,
    Phra Frank

  5. I would like to be there for the lunch and movie.

    Hope you are keeping well,

    All the Best,

    Bill Z

  6. I really wanna go too na. It’s been a long time since the last film at Tai Pan. Unfortunately I have to work on Sat 🙁

    Will pretend to have swine flu…But if you guys don’t see me, it’s because I’m taking care of those who really catch it.

    Have fun.

  7. Sounds just the ticket after being away for a month of intense qigong in Chiang Mai. (My teacher says our bodies decay and die but our energy lives on. Count me in for lunch and the movies too.

    See you all soon


  8. Rex told me about this…

    Would like to join for lunch and movie.

    Waiting for reconfirmation from another friend…will let you know if she is coming with me.

    Looking forward to meet the littlebang community as well! 🙂


  9. Hi,

    Rex and Christy told me about this. I’m coming for lunch and film. Please count me in 🙂

    See you 🙂

  10. Hi,

    A wonderful afternoon! Thank you so much! Great lunch, great people, interesting documentaries and very nice discussion (sorry for talking too much myself again though!) – thank you to everyone who helped make all this possible.

    With palms together,


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