New Year’s retreat with Mae Chee Brigitte

Insight Meditation Retreat

With Mae Chee Brigitte

1st – 9th January 2011

Mae Chee Brigitte, an Austrian meditation teacher living in Thailand for over 20 years, will lead an annual meditation retreat to see in the new year. Please contact via the link below for additional details.

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Mae Chee Brigitte has been teaching meditation for many years, and is well known both in Thailand and internationally. She has a great reputation for clear instruction and leadership with meditation, and has been well received in Bangkok when she does public events here.

Further information from MCB:

We meet at Wat Prayong and the first days (1st to 6th jan. ) we will practice at wat prayong but from 6th to 9th january we will stay up in the khao yai nationalpark. 6th january after breakfast – vans will bring the whole group up to the khao yai nationalpark. please prepare 400 baht as entrance fee for the national park. this will not be paid by the temple.
there are no costs for anything else…just donations…up to how much people wanna give or can give…

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Accommodation will be shared, and 30 foreigners and about 30 Thais are expected to join. Weather is quite cool at night, so bring a blanket or two.

A couple of the days will (probably) be taught via translation by Ajahn Phet – abbot of Wat Prayong. He is a well known meditation master of the highest order despite his young age, and this will be a very good opportunity for all.

Phra acharn Phet is 37 years old and has been practicing in caves and forests (dutanga) for about 8 years, before he settled in nong chok and established Wat Prayong Gittivanaram there in 2006.

He is a very open-minded teacher and has studied and practiced several techniques himself and also teaches them up to what he considers is useful for the student to progress in dhamma. he never asks practictioners to change the technique they are used to – but encourage people to continue their practice and gives them instructions if they want or need them.