Notes from U Jotika’s last talk

On Wednesday 25th March Sayadaw U Jotika will be making a second public appearance here in Bangkok.

Some notes from one of the attendees at Sayadaw U Jotika’s previous talk here:

Calming things down:

“Get things ‘inside’ yourself calmed down, then the outside calms down.”
E.G. No need to send one’s mind out towards wars or crimes etc as reported in the news media. When our mind becomes calm, we realize that all of those external events are beyond our control.

When we accept Anicca (Impermanence) we suffer less.

That is, those things outside of us that we see, love, desire etc are all Impermanent, so when we understand that they are uncontrollable, we accept whatever happens with equanimity.
The result from acceptance is Peace – if we try to use Force, the result will inevitably be Unsatisfactory.

Realize Wisdom by yourself.
Gain Wisdom by yourself – inside.

Wisdom arises due to persistent internal development.
The Teacher’s duty is > To Point the Way.
The student’s duty is > to Practice and Realize truth by him/herself.

Said Littlebang regular: referring to a group of questioners after the talk

As Sayadaw spoke I noticed how he had a BIG Body – like the Buddha – his eyes sparkled and the room seemed to fill with a luminosity of Dhamma. My body felt light…almost like it could float up a meter off the floor…as though uplifted by the presence of this monk who had penetrated the Eye of Dhamma and could share his experience in clear, practical language, so that the thrust of what he was saying was easily accessible to the group of 10 listeners.


Sayadaw said to focus on the Positive aspect of one’s Practice.
When we are sitting, we should not merely have the neutral feeling that comes form watching the breath, BUT CLEARLY REALIZE THAT:
Now, I am making Merit‘.
So the Merit rises up to the forefront to force out unskillful thoughts.
When we abandon all wishes – the Mind lifts up.
That is to say, sometimes we meditate with an incorrect sort of mind set with a sort of greedy idea of ‘profit’ while performing the action of meditation.

We should remember all our friends in the Dhamma – we should be humble and thankful to all these friends who help us in many ways – e.g. the farmers for instance who grow the rice and other foods that we eat.


Vipassana = Accepting reality as Truth.

in this case WHAT IS REALITY? accepting the true nature of things is vipassana reality…

If our mind darts around to many different external objects, it gives us the feeling of “What’s the use?!!”
So we must cultivate the Volition to be calm.

Being Mindful = a Wholesome Action = Usefulness.
Being Unmindful = Unwholesome = the same as a deep sleep, of no use.

Try to know in every moment of daily life What am I doing right now?
Knowing what is the meaning of my action = Wholesome Kamma.


The Skilful (Kusala)

I am sitting here in meditation, understanding new things = Skillful = Wholesome Action is arising, Merit is arising.
Listening (to a Dhamma talk, e.g.) and Understanding = Merit.

So when you watch yourself, KNOW if that Wholesome Kamma is arising,
KNOW your Mind, KNOW the Result of your Action, KNOW the Benefit.

E.G. when bowing (before meditation, or in a temple to a Buddha image or monk) KNOW that you are being HUMBLE and PAYING RESPECT to the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha = a Wholesome state of mind arises.
KNOW IN YOUR HEART that when you offer flowers etc I am HUMBLE, paying respect…be Mindful of your Intentions and Actions, then a Wholesome state arises
Little by little this will LIFT YOUR MIND UP.

So when you practice > ALWAYS make this Wholesome input into your mind = Benefit will result!


Does sending Metta produce results?

The immediate, primary result is that sending Metta reduces our own Greed and Stinginess (which are definitely NOT manifestations of Loving Kindness)…then, through the reduction of these Unwholesome states of Mind > A positive RESULT occurs.

Concentrate on producing a Result “inside” = this is the more Wholesome course of Action rather than looking for external manifestations of a positive result of sending Metta.

We must realize that the results (vipaka) of previous Unwholesome Kamma CANNOT be reduced quickly.

We focus on Wholesome Kamma “inside” > the “outside” results vary.
Curiously, those being most likely to most immediately feel the effects of our sending Metta are our blood relatives, those people closest to us.
The POINT is: the GIVING of kind thoughts, HELPS YOU (the giver)!
Be aware: I give because I want to reduce my own Greed.

When you perform Dana (an act of charity or giving of an item or money)
Don’t concentrate on the smile given by the recipient of your generosity…
Concentrate on your own reduction of Greed.

Every good action clears out Unwholesome tendencies…and makes you sit closer to Buddha.

When we understand, we feel Very Light…
we are relieved of our weighty burden.

SO IT IS!!!!!! BE HAPPY!!!!!

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  1. Dear Dhamma Friends from Little BANG,

    I am very happy to know the valuable information from your website.
    I stayed in AIT, Bangkok for 2 years from 2003 to 2005 as a Myanmar scholar.
    I well noticed that Thai people were religious, kind and helpful to us under the same roof of Buddhism.
    I had practised Vipassana meditation and Metta retreat under the guidance of Venerable Chanmyae Syadaw , Canadian Monk U Vamsa and Ko Jeff(Mr.Jeff Oliver) during 2 years stay in Thailand.
    It was GREAT.So I am always grateful to Thailand Buddhist community.
    Please kindly relay my humble respects and remembrance to them.
    Now you are worthy to receive the Dhamma from Sayadaw U Jotika who is my favourite teacher.
    Our AIT students were studying under stressful learning environment.We overcame our difficulties with Sayadaw’s Dhamma Talk like your posting which gave us mental energy.
    We could modify our behaviours and shape our future meaningfully.
    I am very happy to know the graceful combination of my favourite Sayadaw and my lovely country Thailand.
    Then I would like to be your Dhamma friend.
    Could you please to share Sayadaw U Jotika’s email address?
    May you and your noble activities be successful more and more.

    With Metta and Cetana,
    Thitsaralin(The Light of Noble Truth)
    Dr.Than Than Sein
    University of Camerino, Italy

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