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Notes: The End of the World — 6 Comments

  1. Ah the wonderful Acid Comments! Certainly the most entertaining of commentaries on the Heart Sutra! As fresh as if written yesterday, thrillingly iconoclastic, as sharp as Manjushri’s sword. Thank you for the reminder to go back to it!

    Cherish the Great Charm of your own nature,
    That turns a hot iron ball into finest sweetest manna;.
    Heaven, Hell, and the Floating World of Men —
    A snowflake falling on a red-hot stove.

  2. “What’s Real’ is the mind jumping between the senses, getting lost in them. Mindfulness is when recollection returns. As for the content of the senses – that is irrelevant. One sutta goes:
    In the seen he knows there is only what is seen. In the heard … in the perceptions, there is only perception.
    Becoming aware of awareness, the vision, hearing, thinking content are not really relevant.

    I always get stuck on Hakuin’s teaching – so much in so few words !

  3. How to divide what is real what is not? Our organs of senses very limited and also can lie to us (hypnoses, hologram..)

  4. “There is no enlightenment without reaching the end of the world.”

    This is my new Facebook quote. Reminds me a bit of the original meaning of the word “apocalypse” in Greek: “lifting of the veil”. Unfortunately, people use the word in a fatalistic, paranoid sense.

    • That’s interesting about the apocalypse – according to several TTC courses that I listened to early Christianity was insistent that the end of the world was about to happen ‘within this very life’…

      • Yeah, from a Christian POV (if you believe the prophecies of Revelations), the end of world is just peachy.