Day-long meditation workshop

with Jeff Oliver

Citta nupassana: Mindfulness of Mind

Sunday 18th August
@May Kaidee’s Oasis

This Workshop is now full. Next daylong workshop is tentatively scheduled for Saturday 21st September.


One day meditation retreat workshop with visiting meditation teacher Jeff Oliver. We’ll be at a new venue for us – May Kaidee’s Oasis in Bang Lam Pu area, close to Democracy Monument. Maps and directions are below.

The Workshop cost is 600 baht per person, which includes lunch.

Jeff is a well experienced meditation teacher who everyone will have ease in following. The workshop is suitable for beginners, although some experience with Vipassana will be presumed.


  • 9:15am   Meet at May Kaidee Restaurant, behind Burger King
  • 9:45 Head over as a group to the Oasis
  • 10:00-11:30 Morning session of Dhamma, sitting and walking meditation based on Citta nupassana (mindfulness of mind)
  • 11:30 Healthy vegetarian lunch from the world famous May Kaidee
  • 12:45-4:00 Afternoon session of Dhamma, sitting and walking with instructions
  • 4:15 finish

Jeff Oliver

Jeff Oliver is one of our regular visiting teachers and is always in demand in Bangkok. From Australia, he has been a long term meditation practitioner. He spent some 8 years as a Buddhist monk in Burma where he was an authorised meditation teacher under the highly respected Burmese master Sayadaw U Janaka (Chinmay Sayadaw). Since leaving the robes Jeff has been teaching meditation in frontier countries such as Turkey and Eastern Europe, as well as for us in Bangkok. He is a clear speaker, both in terms of enunciation and meaning. More recently he has been practising under Sayadaw U Tejaniya – one of whose books you can on PDF right here.

Mindfulness of Mind

Citta nupassana is the third of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness (that Jeff is talking on over four evenings 13-16 August). It involves making the mind itself the focus of attention – knowing what is in the mind, without attachment. And seeing the nature of the mind as transitory and fleeting moments of perception, thought and mood. While most meditation teachers focus on the body as a refuge for the distracted mind, seeing the mind itself takes some attention. But as the Buddha taught, ‘mind is the forerunner of all things’ it is a vital part of the practise. Besides, so many people spend their whole lives in their head, it is a good method that brings this into the field of attention.

May Kaidee’s Oasis

May’s Thai Vegan Cooking manual

May is world famous for her vegetarian and vegan Thai cooking school – she even teaches in Russia, Czech Republic and New York! Her cooking books are big sellers too. We’ve had some great group lunches at one of her restaurants in the past. Now she has a new place, hidden away from all but the real locals. May Kaidee’s Oasis.

It is a bit tricky to get to, but that makes it all the more worthwhile. And we’ll be making this one of our regular venues, so it is worthwhile getting on your radar. Being hidden away there is no roaring traffic noise. Though there might be some building noise from nearby – good for mindfulness and patience!

We will have the two storey Thai-style house to ourselves.


To make it easy, we will meet up at the Mai Kaidee restaurant near Kao San Road, and then walk over to the Oasis as a group. If you are driving, see further down for the exact location. Click the map to enlargeWeb


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If you would like to join but are short of funds, let us know, and we’ll arrange a free place for you.

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The Oasis Location

While we are keen to keep this place secret, if you are driving, and looking to park your car near the venue, you can find it by the maps below. Here is a wide area view, and a closer view. Note the road does not go right up to the Oasis so you will want to park around Mahanop Road (I’ll work on the maps a bit more when time permits)