One Day Meditation Workshop
Saturday 13th July
With experienced Visiting Burmese 
Mae Chee Caru Dassini

Only 25 spaces available
Sorry – this event is full up, and even the waiting list if full up.
We’ll be holding a one -day workshop with different teachers every month from now on so keep checking back.

For one day we will host a Burmese Mae Chee, who is here visiting from Panditarama Meditation Centre. She is a close disciple, translator and assistant for Sayadaw U Pandita, who has been one of the world’s leading Vipassana teachers for many decades. You will likely have met Steven Smith who has given many talks for us in Bangkok before – he also is a student of Sayadaw U Pandita.


Now in her mid 40’s Mae Chee Caru Dassini has been in robes for about 20 years, and so has lots of experience. In the Sayadaw U Pandita lineage there is strong emphasis on mindfulness meditation in strict intensive environments, often lasting 3 months or more. She is also well qualified in Abhidhamma and the Pali Suttas.

We catch her en route to Taiwan where she is helping lead and encourage the meditation groups there. 

Mae Chee Caru Dassini has excellent English, and is very clear and focussed. There won’t be any long dhamma talks or teachings – we will use this opportunity to focus entirely on the practical direct application of the Mahasi Sayadaw method of mindfulness (Vipassana) meditation practise in the different postures. You will find her a clear and precise guide.

This style of practise uses the ‘Satipatthana Sutta’ as the basis – this is the Foundations of Mindfulness that was taught by the Buddha himself, and remains the cornerstone teaching of Vipassana. There is lots of information on it around the net – google ‘foundations of mindfulness’.


Saturday 13th July
at Ariyasom Villa

  • 9:00 am arrive at Ariyasom Villa on Sukhumvit Soi One
  • 9:30 introduction to the style of meditation practise
  • 10:00 guided sitting and walking meditation
  • 11:30 break for lunch – if you have food offerings for Ven. Pandit and MC Caru Dassini you are welcome to offer.
  • 11:45 vegetarian lunch in Ariyasom
  • 12:45 re-convene for the afternoon session, of sitting/walking and meditation instructions. There will be some chance for individual interview if needed
  • 2:30 break for 25 minutes
  • 3:00 back for group meditation
  • 4:15 wrap up and finish


The cost for this workshop is 600 baht – part of this is a donation to Ariyasom for the facilities and lunch. The rest will go to travelling expenses for our visiting Mae Chee. If you’d like to join but are short on funds, let us know and we’ll sponsor your place.  

It’s possible if there is a big response that we will look for an alternative larger
venue for this event – if so I will let you know, if you have booked in already. 

To book in enter your details in the form below. You are only confirmed when you have paid up – this is because in the past people sign up, but don’t turn up on the day. Since there are very limited spaces, and there will be a waiting list, it is important that you are genuinely committed if we reserve a space for you. There’s no group bank account, and Bhikkhus can’t be arranging money transfers etc., so the only way we can arrange payment is in person at any of our gatherings before the date.

We can only take people who are resolved on attending the whole session from start to end. We don’t want people joining late or leaving early as it interrupts the group dynamic.

Your details won’t be published, and after hitting submit you will be returned to this page. A confirmation email will be sent to you within a day or so, provided you entered the correct email address without typos (it happens a lot!)

Sorry – the event is full up.


You surely know by now where Ariyasom is located, but just to be sure you are heading in the right direction:

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  1. I met Caru Dassini earlier this year – I’m really glad she is able to join us in July. Her teacher Sayadaw U Pandita, besides the great name 🙂 has been one of the world’s top teachers for many decades, and is a direct disciple of the late great Mahasi Sayadaw himself.
    If you want focussed meditation, clearly instructed, this will be a good event for you!

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