Private Retreat with Ajahn Tiradhammo

Ajahn  Tiradhammo, who is leading a dhamma talk for us in a couple of weeks, will also be leading a private meditation retreat in Hua Hin. There are a few spaces open for our regulars.

Leave Bangkok Saturday morning 20 th March, and get back to Bangkok Monday 22nd March.

This will be a small private retreat … really for those who have done retreats before (you don’t need vast experience). The reason is to keep things light and easy for the organisers. It is not always easy managing a full on public retreat if you are not accustomed to it. On the plus side, this makes things more flexible on things like using chairs instead of floor mats if needed, or other special needs.

Ajahn Tiradhammo is a great speaker, and a good teacher (from my direct experience). He is easy going, and typically will give one or two talks a day, plus some Q&A, so there will be lots of time to practise meditation as a group and individually. It won’t be a boot camp experience like some tough retreats, but it is only for those with some meditation experience already.

The venue is a condo/resort in Hua Hin. I have not been there, so I can’t tell what it will be like, but understand it is quite pleasant. Shared room will work out around 1600 baht for food/accommodation . Private room will be 2800 baht all included.  Public minibus to Hua Hin is 160 baht, but if enough people want to go together, a hired minibus will cost around 300 baht per person per trip.

Please understand that this is not a ‘professionally’ organised retreat, and there may be some extra costs or other ‘flexible’ details. It is not for profit of course, and it’s up to retreatants to cooperate in paying for the retreat …. the organiser has done her very best to think of all the details and plan out the costs – but she can’t get it all exactly spot on.

It should be very worth while, and is very much recommended.

There are limited spaces available (probably maximum around 25 participants). Please submit via the contact box below.

Rough proposed schedule:
Weekend Retreat Program 20-22 March ,2010  
Ajahn Tiradhammo
Blue Mountain  Condo, HuaHin
Saturday  20  March      
Arrival time for lunch :      12  pm / Settle in 
Dhamma greeting :         1 .30 pm  
Walking /Sitting   :           2 .30 pm– 4 pm 
Questions and answers (Thai สนทนาธรรมภาษาไทย) :  4pm-5 pm  
English speaking practitioners may request to meet Ajahn at tea break 
Tea break                  5 pm- 6 pm 
Evening chanting         6.30 pm 
Sitting                      7 pm- 8 pm  
Dhamma talk :              8pm – 9 pm  
Sunday 21 March
Wake up  :                5   am 
Exercise :                 5.30 am – 6 am   
Walking/Sitting :           6 am – 7 am 
Breakfast     :            7 am – 8 am 
Walking/Sitting  :         8 .30 am – 10.30 am 
Lunch :                   11 am – 12 pm
Walking / Sitting   :       1.30 pm – 4 pm 
Questions and answers( English)  :    4 – 5 pm  
Tea break                    5 – 6 pm 
Evening chanting               6.30 pm 
Walking/Sitting               7 – 8 pm
Dhamma talk :               8 – 9 pm 
Monday 22 March
Wake up  :                   5   am 
Exercise :                    5.30 am– 6 am 
Walking/Sitting :              6 am-7 am 
Breakfast     :               7 am– 8 am 
Walking/Sitting  :           8 .30 am – 10.30 am 
Lunch :                     11 am – 12 pm  
Questions and answers :   1 am- 2  pm
 Blessings for safe journey : 2 pm
***Please bring your own cushion

Please enter your name, phone number and email in the box below and I will forward to the organiser. The retreat cost can be paid by bank, or at one of our Monday night meetings. If anyone really would like to go but can’t afford the cost, we may be able to pay from group funds. Please understand that there might not be room for all applicants as this is a very special chance to retreat with one of the senior monks from the Ajahn Chah tradition.