Mindfulness in Motion
Qi Gong for Vitality
Live with Marisa
Thursdays:  August 17 and 24


A double dose of the sparkling charisma of Marisa – leading Qi gong and meditation live this August.

Events are in the spacious Rojana Center, Sukhumvit 23.

  • 6:30 gather at the Rojana Center (refreshments served)
  • 7:00-8:00 Qi Gong 
  • 8:00-8:30 mindfulness meditation

There’s no need to book in advance. Conducted in English. You do not need previous experience to join.

We are holding this event by donation, but please remember Marisa is a professional Qi Gong and Yoga teacher, and yoga groups charge regular yoga teacher rates  for sessions with her – so remember to be generous

Marisa @ Rojana Center, August 2016


Qi Gong is all about bringing the attention inside the body (mindfulness of body is the first foundation of mindfulness in Buddhism). Different Qi Gong movements affect different areas – this particular routine will target the liver, which physically is where the body stores energy for immediate use. In the Qi Gong it is where one develops strength, represented by the Tiger; digestion and migraines are two of the symptoms supposed to be alleviated by this practice.

What is Qigong?

Qigong is an art of conscious embodiment that honors and nourishes the energy aspect of our being. “Qi” means energy and “gong” means skill; qigong teaches us how to know our own energy through direct experience of the body and mind in the flow of the present moment. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, qigong uses the meridian system as a map to guide us through gentle stretches and repetitive movements that support the immune system, energize the organs and connect to nature. Qigong perfectly complements formal sitting meditation practice and has a long and well-established history connected to contemplative traditions. It is, actually, a complete meditation practice in itself.

Marisa Cranfill Young

12 Marisa and spirit house 2Frequent trips to Asia as a child influenced Marisa’s passion for an investigation of meditation, yoga, qigong, Chinese healing arts and academic field work for over 17 years. She discovered qigong while attending university in China and combined it with a meditation and yoga practice, experiencing amazing results: more energy, deep healing, and insight to nature’s unlimited potential. Today she shares these gifts as a certified qigong, yoga, and Vipassana meditation instructor. Her qigong training is through the Universal Healing Tao Lineage and the Wandering Tao School. She currently divides her time between San Fransisco and Bangkok where she offers classes, workshops, and private consultations.

Marisa is also an accomplished fashion designer and Thai spirit house enthusiast. For more information find her at:

Spirit House Connection and the YOQI facebook page

Getting there:

  Please follow the map. It is VERY precise. It is easy to find: there are only one or two turns depending on which direction you are coming from. It is an 11 minute walk from Asoke BTS and even closer to Sukhumvit MRT

Go down Sukhumvit 23 to the first four way intersection. Turn right, and then turn right again at the end of the road.

Or just ask the motorcycles inside Sukhumvit 23 – they know the way.


Or if you need more definite pointers:Rojana-arrows

A few tips:

  • Don’t ask locals or taxi drivers the way – they will not know the Rojana Centre, and will send you somewhere else instead. They will all know Sukhumvit 23, so go there and find your own way.
  • Follow the map – plenty of landmarks are shown and it it extremely precise!
  • In Thai the centre is known as Rojanatam 
  • Quite a few other foreigners will be heading there at the same time.

Here is the Google Map link, if you prefer this method

Here are the GPS coordinates if you prefer : 13.739356, 100.564748

Video Channel for the group is here

facebook group is here