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Red, Yellow and White Shirts…. — 7 Comments

  1. This is infinitely comforting to me, considering that my family will be in Bangkok in but four weeks time.

    This definition of Power vs. Force was very refreshing, even empowering for me. I shall ponder it for a long time to come.

    As for Thailand’s political machinations, I hope that the powerful base of dhamma lifts all involved above the petty, mean level that so often seems to dominate the news. (Here in the US, we need a LOT more dhamma!)

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  3. Thank you so so much for putting this up Pandit. As you know I’ve been collating interesting and unusual articles, blog posts, opinion pieces etc. on Thai Politics and emailing them to a growing list of interested people since the 2006 coup. The current crisis has generated a tsunami’s worth of material and lately I’m definitely feeling sucked into the vortext.

    You’ve calmly and sensibly put everything back into perspective helped me realize the insidious destructiveness of focusing too much on all the fear and terror mongering. I’m one of the lucky foreigners whose main inconvenience is getting from A to B because of the MRT and BTS stoppages. (However many farangs do live within the ever-expanding area affected by the protest and are definitely impacted on a more fundamental level than I.)

    In any case, I’ve allowed myself to become swept up by the Force of this drama to the detriment of all the hard won progress I’d been making in my spiritual practice. You remind me to focus on true Power which transcends that ever-changing misnomer termed “reality.”

    I truly have NO idea how to get to the meditation tomorrow night, but after reading your comments I feel more motivated to try.

    I’ll be sending out YOUR post to my list. If some of the truly crisis-addicted subscribers actually read it, perhaps they’ll be encouraged stop for a moment and reflect.

    Take care

      • I only have a photocopy of the book, that is not cut and bound like a book, but you have to flip the book around all the time to read the pages. In short, it’s not very useable. I might buy a new copy though. The second book, the Eye of the I, – I have that one, nearly finished.