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Report: Ajahn Tiradhammo 2010 — 2 Comments

  1. I found Venerable Kusalo’s comment very revealing.

    Often, it seems a venerated monk’s teachings become his own, rather than what they truly are, a re-statement of the Buddha’s own experience and teachings. And, while one monk or another might be skilled in relating the Dhamma in terms that are more easily comprehended by today’s ‘modern’ practitioners, I am reminded that it was on hearing the Buddha’s words, from the Buddha himself that many were able to free themselves from the cycle of Birth, Aging, Disease and Death, a benefit that seems lost in this era of the Dhamma. Still, I remain ever-so-thankful for these learned monks for helping light my path to and thru the Buddha Dhamma. So, I listen and learn what I can from whom I can, then return to the Buddha’s words to try to experience the deeper understanding.

  2. Ven Kusalo has had an interesting time – in his home country Dhamma is only ever presented in terms of a pali stanza, translation, and then explanation. That’s the only way they do it! So it is a new experience for him here. He is not for or against, just interested. But it is nice to remember that with all the great teachers about, getting back to the original suttas is always useful.