Report: Hideaway Retreat II

We just returned from our second weekend at the beautiful Reverie Hideaway … place (what exactly is it?)

A pair of traditional Thai style teak houses in the fields of Pathum Thanee, where the birds chattered and thankfully there was no karaoke or other city/village noises to disturb.

Click the image for the photo album:

Wrestling the huge bag of sitting mats and sound system about takes some advance work, especially when the components were spread between Thonburi and Sukhumvit. Nothing was forgotten, except maybe a reminder to take a torch (flashlight for Americans). Considerable foresight even saw us advising to take sleeping bags rather than just light blankets – it got pretty chilly the first night.

This time there were just 12 of us. 20 is the maximum for the venue, so it left us with plenty of space. It’s an ideal place. Cool and breezy under the buildings during the day where we could fit 50 people. Quiet and atmospheric in the evening in one of the bedrooms. We’re hoping to go back there soon, especially as the place might soon be sold.

Originally this weekend was supposed to be ‘free-style’ where we just meet 2, maybe three times a day, leaving the rest for free practise. This kind of retreat would still be nice to do … but for now we reverted to group practise with an easy going schedule.

And the highlight of the weekend – the much planned BBQ. We’d booked this last time, but the staff did not know how to go about a vegetarian BBQ. So we took much of our own sausage, pepper and such along. There was far too much food in the end. 🙂 Most meditation retreats end with participants packing up and going home, but it is nice to bond a bit and meet each other afterwards. In fact, next time we might skip the retreat and just go for the BBQ.

We just managed to bring the retreat expenses in at about what we had collected. Thanks to Rubby for organising all the money side of things, and other sides too.