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Sayadaw U Jotika Visit — 7 Comments

  1. I missed the lecture because I work during the week. Anyone know where Sayadaw U Jotika is headed next?

  2. He stopped off to see his publisher, and is heading off from Bangkok this week. He has no schedule to appear in public right now, but the invitation has been extended to him … so hopefully he will return more often.
    When he does the information will appear on littlebang.

  3. Hi anyone knows when he drop by Singapore?? I really wish to see him in person!!!

  4. I feel joy when I listen to Sayadaw U Jotika. Does anyone know if it is possible to visit him in Myanmar?

  5. I’m practicing meditation since 1993, but only now I discovered Sayadaw U Jotika by his books and conferences on line. I’m italian and I would like very much to write to him and if possible to visit him or to be present at conferences he would give. Is there anybody that could help me? I try to find a contact address through out internet without success. It is very important to me!

    • For some reason I just couldn’t download any of the English dhamma talk by Sayadaw U Jotika. However just by reading Sayadaw’s book I’ve gained so much peace and insight. I really wish I could be given the opportunity to learn from Sayadaw. Is he base in Myanmar nowadays? Is possible to stay and learn in his monastery as a bhiksuni? I sincerely appreciate it if someone could provide some idea on this.


      • So far as I know, he moves around quite a lot in Burma supporting several projects (orphanes etc..) and does not havea regular temple. So while he would certainly be welcoming, it is in reality too difficult to find out where he might be at any one particular time.

        I am not sure why you can’t download the file – it is working ok from here. If you google about there are a number of his talks available online.