Sota Sati – at the BIA

Below is an announcement from the Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives – please check with the venue for any changes to their program, or leave a note in the comments section below for Gary.



Mindfulness with Sound

A special meditation program of the Buddhadasa Indapañño Archives (BiA).

Focus the mind using sounds of nature, and man for one hour at sunset. Original and improvised ambient vocal and electronic music, with the shifting light and sounds of evening, leads toward calmness of mind and body. A unique approach to meditative sound.

Led by composer Gary Hall

Session leader and performer Gary Hall, with over 30 years experience of electronic music composition, has developed a unique approach to meditative sound. Using techniques of improvisation as well as composition, a dense ambient sound field is both object and facilitator of concentration

Date and Time: See the front page or calendar for the date of the next session


This event is at the brand new Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives in Suan Rot Fai, near Mor Chit BTS station.

BIA 2This is the branch of Suan Mokh where the famous Buddhadasa Bhikkhu lived and taught for many years, and which is still a majour item on the spiritual tourism of Thailand agenda.

The place is beautiful, and vast. Overlooking the parklands near Mor Chit BTS, the complex includes a library, book shop, huge verandah overhanging the lake, and lots of art and sculpture. In following years this place will definitely become the most vital centre of Buddhism in Bangkok. Expect a lot of great events to happen here.


Go to Mor Chit BTS Station and walk through the park for about 20 minutes. Motorcycles are an option taken from the foot of the BTS – but come on, you could do with the exercise, and it is a lovely park! You can also take a taxi from the BTS for about 45 baht. MRT users can go to Chatuchak Station or Pahonyothin station exit 3 (which is a slightly closer, but less pleasant walk)

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2 replies on “Sota Sati – at the BIA”

  1. amazing!

    Gary’s sounds tapped into the the inner sanctum of our collective consciousness. Awesome stuff. He has created an ambient where the ancient past and the distant future merge… melting an hour into a single calm moment of serenity.

    He will be back on Monday the 21st, be there if you can.

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