Special Abhidhamma sessions

Respected Abhidhamma teacher Ajahn Sujin will be leading a special session at the WFB Headquarters on Saturday 16th July and Saturday 29th October

event will start 2pm and go for approx 2 hours.

No advance reservation needed, and it is free of charge.

Dates have been provided well in advance, so it is best to check with the venue that the event will go ahead. Call in Thai language: 02 661 1286    or  02 661 1287ajahn-sujin2

Special Abhidhamma class in English with reknowned teacher Ajahn Sujin. She has been one of Thailand’s leading lights in the field of Abhidhamma, for over 50 years. Though retired these days we occasionally get the chance to meet and listen to her directly. In the past her talks were broadcast on numerous radio stations throughout Thailand, and served as a great inspiration to monks and laypeople alike.

A background knowledge of Abhidhamma is recommended, though not vital, to understand proceedings


Abhidhamma is the more metaphysical side of Buddhism, that generally requires more dedicated study than usual Dhamma talks. However, all who attend will be able to benefit from Ajahn Sujin’s lucid explanations of Dhamma, and gain an insight into how these deeper teachings can be brought to life and practise.

 Some of her past work can be accessed here: http://www.abhidhamma.org/contents.htm

Travelling Guide: Bus: 2, 25, 38, 48, 508, 511, 513
BTS Sky Train: Prompong Station;