Special Event: Dhamma Talk with Ajahn Jayasaro, November 10th

it was inevitable really …. but we had to cancel this talk. We will reschedule and be back next year. 

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Thursday November 10th

An Audience with Ajahn Jayasaro

“Finding Out for Yourself”

Ajahn Jayasaro

We are happy to announce an audience with Ajahn Jayasaro on Thursday November 10th, at the Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives, near Mor Chit.

  • Dhamma Talk is in English only
  • Free of charge (donations welcome)
  • No need for advance registration – there is enough room for everyone

Last time we hosted Ajahn Jayasaro it was our largest event yet! Be sure to get there early for a good seat!

Ajahn Jayasaro was formerly the co-abbot and then sole abbot of Wat Pah Nanachat International Forest monastery in the North-East of Thailand for many years. Wat Pah Nanachat is in the lineage of Luang Phor Chah – a huge name in Thai Buddhism. Ajahn Jayasaro now resides alone in Kao Yai, and rarely makes public appearances in English outside of his hermitage.

Ajahn Jayasaro is well known for his interesting and moving Dhamma Talks, in both his native English and also in Thai. For many years he led  the International monastery and gained a fine reputation for accessibility and sharp dhamma. Hugely popular with the Thai community we are very glad he will talk this time in English only in support of the international community here in Bangkok.

Time: 6:00 – 8:30pm at the BIA

Topic: “Finding Out for Yourself”

Buddhism famously does not encourage blind faith. But you must research, test, and use all your intelligence and wisdom. But that is not to say that you can just follow your own beliefs – there are layers and layers of discovery on the path to enlightenment for those who are willing to put aside their own belief systems, and turn the mind inward and look directly, in order to find out for yourself.


You can help enormously with the PR for this event by

1. Mailing interested friends close to the time and check they are going
2. download and print this PDF poster and put on your work/condo notice board
3. notify any magazines, wesites, web forums, or other media contacts



This event is at the brand new Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives in Suan Rot Fai, near Mor Chit BTS station.

BIA 2This is the branch of Suan Mokh where the famous Buddhadasa Bhikkhu lived and taught for many years, and which is still a majour item on the spiritual tourism of Thailand agenda.

The place is beautiful, and vast. Overlooking the parklands near Mor Chit BTS, the complex includes a library, book shop, huge verandah overhanging the lake, and lots of art and sculpture. In following years this place will definitely become the most vital centre of Buddhism in Bangkok. Expect a lot of great events to happen here.


Go to Mor Chit BTS Station and walk through the park for about 20 minutes. Motorcycles are an option – but come on, you could do with the exercise, and it is a lovely park! You can also take a taxi from the BTS for about 45 baht. MRT users can go to Chatuchak Station or Pahonyothin station exit 3 (which is a slightly closer, but less pleasant walk)

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Here’s the google earth/maps location:

13°48’58.22″ N 100°33’24.92″ E

A google earth snapshot – click it to enlarge.