Special Events in July

with Guest Speaker

Radha Nicholson

Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th July



  • For two evenings we will host visiting Dhamma and Advaita teacher Radha Nicholson.
  • Both events are kindly hosted at Ariyasom Villa, Sukhumvit Soi 1
  • 6:30-8:30pm
  • No need to register. Events are by donation


Tuesday 8th July

The Door to the Deathless – There is much focus on ‘Secular Buddhism’ these days; that is the proximate benefits of meditation such as balance, health markers or a cool Pali name. But the goal of Buddhism was always clear and intended : attaining to the ‘Deathless’ that is enlightenment. We’ll look a little closer at what this means, and where in our experience it lies.

Wednesday 9th July

Non-dual Wisdom and the teachings of the Buddha – Following on from the previous evening’s theme we will look at some of the other enlightenment teachings and how they relate to Buddhism. Most especially we will look at the influential, silent teachings of one of the modern era’s coolest inspirations – Ramana Maharshi.


About Radha

Radha teaches the liberation of the heart through inquiry and insight. She focuses on freeing the mind through the realisation of the non-dual nature of reality. Her teachings utilise the silent retreat Vipassana form as well as Satsang style teachings where the emphasis is on inquiry into reality.

website: http://radhanicholson.com/

She first came to India at the age of 23. Her teachers have included the well known Vipassana teacher from the Ajahn Chah tradition Christopher Titmuss, and also Ajahn Buddhadasa, Vimala Thakar, and Achariya Anagarika Minindra.

Radha has been profoundly influenced by the Buddhadharma and Advaita traditions and the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi. She has been acknowledged both by Ajahn Buddhadasa, Thailand’s great teacher of emptiness, and India’s much loved satsang teacher, Sri H.W.L. Poonja.

Radha has been teaching meditation in India and internationally for more than ten years. Radha has been a guest teacher in the UK, France, Germany, New Zealand and Israel. She regularly teaches retreats in Australia and is a founding teacher of Bay Insight, Byron Bay, Australia.

She is also a registered Psychologist and when not teaching retreats works in private practice. She has worked for more than 20 years in the field of treatment for substance abuse disorders, anxiety, trauma and depression.


Visiting Speakers:

Our Little Bangkok Sangha tries hard to bring interesting and inspiring teachers to give talks to our community. Dharma is priceless so we don’t charge money. But please remember that we need to try and cover the travelling expenses of our visiting speakers. This is by donation, or ‘Dana’ which is a part of our Dharma culture. 



Ariyasom Villa is a beautiful little 24 room hotel in a peaceful niche, in central Bangkok. They have an excellent vegetarian restaurant also, with some rather famous home made desserts.

It is an 8 minute walk from Phloen Chit BTS station. Take exit 3 from the station and go to Suckhumvit Soi 1. Click the map below to enlarge or print:

Ariyasom -with-expressway