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Status of ‘Littlebang’ — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for all the work you’ve done Pandit. You accomplished an awful lot, and we’re all grateful. I’ve really missed the Dhamma talks since the hiatus started, and I look forward to the resumption of activities. Good luck with your thesis Pandit. I look forward to reading it. I just finished my thesis and I will attend the graduation ceremony on May 13. Pheew, what a relief!!! My plans are unsure right now, but please call on me for help if you think I can be of use. Thanks again for all your work Pandit.

  2. Big Thanks Pandit for all you have done. I bet there are many like myself who attended events while visiting Thailand and found the whole expat Buddhism friendly community an amazing spiritual resource that thanks to you could be counted on to have some event coming soon. In fact looking to find upcoming events is why I visited today since I hope to return there for a few weeks in August and again in January. I’ll check often anticipating your return.