Tales of Karma

A recent tale you might call karma, or justice …

Burglar got stuck in lift

A German thief was sunk after he got stuck in the lift of an office block he’d just burgled.

Heinrich Klopp, 27, had raided an office on the sixth floor, taking computers, mobile phones and other electronic goods.

He decided to take the lift down because his bag of loot was too heavy for him to carry down flights of stairs to a getaway car.

But he was forced to call the fire brigade when he was trapped between floors.

Firemen in the German capital Berlin spotted four laptops on the lift floor and called police who arrested Klopp and later charged him with theft.

“I nearly got away with it until the lift broke. I had no other option but to call for help,” he confessed.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like it but I didn’t enjoy any beginner’s luck this time.

“I tried to hide the laptops in the corner, but I knew I was done for as soon as they clapped eyes on them.”