Talks Series 2009


Way Of Wisdom


Starting Thursday August 6th

Until Thursday September 24th

Every Thursday evening in the cool, quiet basement  Planet Yoga studio (Asoke) directly underneath CALIFORNIA WOW gym

A very special course journeying through Thailand’s most precious cultural gem:

The  ‘Way Of Wisdom” that is Buddhism

With British monk Phra Cittasamvaro

Free of charge, no advance registration needed.


6:00 – 6:30 arrive and register for non-members

6:30 – 6:40 Introduction and announcements

6:40 – 7:25 Dhamma talk

7:25 – 8:00 Silent meditation (with brief instructions for beginners)

8:00 – 8:15 brief Q&A

8:15 finish (volunteers to help clear the hall welcome)

We are keeping the whole session under two hours for the convenience of those who have finished work. It should make a nice way to finish the day each Thursday.


Each year during the 3 month Rains retreat period, also known as ‘Buddhist Lent’ monks and nuns are restricted from travelling away from their temples overnight. Which means there are few visiting speakers or teachers passing through Bangkok.

It is the tradition in the temples to accept temporary ordainees for the 3 month period and arrange special courses in Buddhist philosophy and meditation. All in Thai of course.

So the  synchronicity makes it a good time for us in Bangkok to hold our own special ‘Rains’ program of Dhamma talks and meditation.

Click here for a personal note on setting up this year’s talks.


Each week will cover a different topic, complete in itself. So if you miss one or two weeks you will not be left behind. However the topics will follow a sequence, so try to come every time.

Hopefully the talks will be light, warm, and easy to understand, even if you have no prior knowledge in Buddhism. They will also offer something new for those who are familiar with Buddhism, bringing in some references and comparison to psychology, and even faerie tales ( more on that later ). Most importantly, it should be fun. Click the icon below for summaries:

Fascinating refelctions .....


This year we will be at Planet Yoga, which is underneath the California WOW fitness center at the mouth of Sukhumvit 23. It is a spacious air-conditioned hall, a very short walk from The Asoke BTS and MRT stations.

It is free of charge, and there is no need for advance registration, but there is a standard Planet Yoga registration form to fill in, so please arrive early if you are not a member.

People sometimes worry in temples that they might inadvertently be doing something wrong. Being a yoga studio, there are no rites/rituals, so everyone can feel at ease. And it is a very convenient location of course.

Planet Yoga is directly underneath California WOW gym, in the basement.




Speaker : Phra Cittasamvaro. British Bhikkhu (monk) for 13 years, resident in Bangkok. Entered the monastery in the UK at 24 years, in the temples under Luang Phor Sumedho, spending time at both Harnham, Amaravati and Devon viharas. Took ordination in Rajaburi province in 1996, under Luang Bha Sermchai, now Choa khun Rajavisith. BA in Buddhist psychology, MA nearly completed in Buddhist Studies, MCU Thailand.


The Little Bangkok Sangha, whose website you are now reading, started 2007. Since there is very little Dhamma in English happening in Bangkok, a few of us helped arrange a series of weekly talks, very kindly hosted by Baan Aree (near Ari BTS Station). Though a short term program, lots of us met and made friends, and decided to keep things going in one way or another. We invited some different speakers, and set up some more social events, with lunch and movies, usually documentaries. We also often meet informally at various (veggie) cafes and restaurants.

All are welcome to join in more closely – there are some neat people involved. Its fine to just be a quiet observer in the background, or make yourself known to some of the regulars if you would like to join in the more social activities.


Our Little Bangkok Sangha is an open group for anyone from different lineages. Some of us are from massage, reiki, yoga (in all its varieties), or different meditation lineages such as Tibetan, or the many Theravada schools. So there is no group method or meditation system. People are free to choose their own way of practise.

The common thread in Buddhism is the ‘Way Of Wisdom’ or wise reflection on this phenomenon we call our ‘self’. This introspection, the way of calming the mind and looking inwards with detachment is common to all forms of Buddhism. And to the wider world of spiritual practise.


Thanks to the many people who have contributed in large or small ways. Especially to Khun Eric Levine for providing this great facility so that we can keep things free of charge. And to Soontorn Film for printing posters/leaflets and ongoing support. And most importantly to regulars of the Little Bangkok Sangha for encouragement and other contributions.

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  1. Good Day Phra Cittasamvaro,

    I apologize for intruding this way. I looked around this excellent site and could not find a direct email for you. Could you send me your email address? I have questions for you that I would rather not ask on a public forum.

    Thank You

    with metta


  2. Pundit Pandit,

    I missed the first two tawks. Bad boy. I will be there tonite (Aug 20 2552). Good boy.

    sleep smiling,



      Dear Ajahn ,
      I have two questions.

      But first let present myself ;I am a 47 y.o. swiss citizen; I have been living in Thailand for 16 years; I speak thai fluently, I can read thai language quite well and can write it ..hmm.. ..not so good…
      12 years ago I did ordain as a monk for two years in Nong khai province.
      Now I plan to ordain again , this time for life, but in central Thailand.
      My questions:
      -Do you know any forest temple in Central Thailand with a good Ajahn ; the lineage of Luang Poo Man,
      Luang Poo Thet would suits me fine.
      – What did change about the visa things for monks since the last 10 years? Thanks Ajahn

      1. Glad you are getting back to robes. I can’t help you on finding a temple as I am not familiar with Ajahn Mun temples, nor do I get out very much. If I am not working I stay in my room. Presumably you are going for the forest Kamatthana style rather than a more academic approach (I like both). I personally like Doi Suthep as it is cooler and you are left alone more to do your own thing.

        The visa situation has not changed. There is a thread about it on E-sangha. Basically get the forms from the NBO (national buddhism office or Samnak Phut Heng Chart) . You have to fill it all in including your education qualifications etc… and get signed by the head monk of your temple/district/province. Do 3 months in advance. They’ll issue you a letter (takes up to a month) and you take that to Immigration. So long as you have started with a non-O (or non-R or non-ed also possible) they will extend for one year. You get 10 years in Thailand and then they stop your visa and you have to leave or get a PR. You can apply at immigration up to 30 days before your 90 day non-O expires.

        The only thing that may have changed is that the NBO office is now under the Prime Minister, and based at Phuttamonthon rather than under the Ministry of Education near Wat Boworn.

        I attached the old version of the NBO form – you can still use it even though there is a newer version. The Immigration form is same as usual – you’ll need a letter from your abbot saying you are under the care of the temple for both NBO and Immigration. Surprisingly you can use a printed out copy of the immigration form as I attached. Good luck. When you are in Bkk let me know and I’ll be glad to meet up with you. Or say hello if you come to one of our ‘littlebang’ events.

        Oh, if you don’t have a non-O get a letter from the abbot who will ordain you explaining your intention and go to an embassy in another country. They’ll issue you with a 90 day non-O that you have to extend to one year as I outlined already.

    2. Sorry Ajahn , I did not receive the forms that you attached,
      could you please send it to me to my email address,


  3. Dear Pgra Pandit

    thanks so much for referring my mail to Markus yesterday…
    he hopes to get the centre info from the USA nun on 5th Sep…

    interesting blog about the bowing pilgrimage – did you see that?!?! Anazing
    Patience Parami to the fore!!!


    Day 6, Wat Kow Tham Retreat Team…

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