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The attainment of ‘non-action’ — 1 Comment

  1. “The Buddha nature knows neither decrease nor increase … When it is [caught up in] the passions it is not defiled; when it is meditated upon, it does not thereby become purer. It is neither annihilated nor abiding; it neither comes nor departs, it is neither in the middle nor at either end; it neither dies not is born; it remains the same all the time, unchanged in all changes.”

    What a wonderful quote by Hui-neng! Thank you!

    As for non-action being a practice, well, yes, it certainly is! In the Korean Zen tradition it’s a practice of letting go or entrusting to this eternal Buddha-nature, which, paradoxically, does not mean ‘no action’ but, rather, allows action to spring from it.

    Oh dear, I’ve not put that very well. So I’ll turn this into a plug for the Zen Club on the 27th of this month where such stuff is better discussed!

    Thank you for showing how all this is, actually, already there in the Pali texts!