The best and worst of it all

If you have been a regular at events over the last couple of years you’ll know the indomitable Richard Rubacher.

You’ll also know he was recently hositalised with kidney failure stemming from a prostrate condition.

Well, he was in very bad shape, but you have to admire the man – he never stopped goofing around.

Here is his own account of what happened. (from his new blog)


Another healing remedy was introduced to me by my friend Joker John. He sold me potent prostate tablets he purchased for me from during his recent trip to California. Every day I took the “potent prostate portion.” Once again, no success. My belly continued to swell.  The pain, ahhh, the pain—it was present day and night. Sleep did not provide relief from the urgency to pee. Every fifteen or twenty minutes I had to pee in a jar on the bedside table

As with all things Richard, the story has an up side!