Saturday 5th March
Series: Sat. 13th Feb – Sat. 26th March

Week 4 of the :


This week we continue our exploration of Buddhism, focusing on key stories. The cosmology of Buddhism says there is only one ultimate goal; but that anyone can attain to it if they practice in the right way.

This way is encapsulated in the Four Noble Truths, which remains the cornerstone of all Buddhist traditions. The opening of this teaching is a key event int he Buddha’s own story, and is called the ‘Setting Forth the Wheel of Dharma’. This is the point where the narrative changes from a personal story of Siddhartha Gotoma, and on to the cosmic significance of a Buddha.



Full Course Details:

You can see the full details for this course by clicking here. 

There is a one-time course fee of 200 baht, which covers all remaining weeks. Each week deals with a different topic in the Buddhist story (topics all listed on the main announcement).

karma and the clockwork universe dharma talk
last week, Sat 27th Feb. Karma and the Clockwork Universe

The course is academic in approach, rather than religious. We want to understand the thinking and philosophy behind both Buddhism and Thai culture, which are of course, intimately linked.



We’ll stick to the schedule precisely.

Saturday morning, 5th March

  • 9:45am Meet at the Rojana Center
  • 10-11am talk on The Special Teaching of a Sammasambuddha
  • 11-11:30 Questions
  • 11:30 finish (promptly)


looking pensive at the Rojana Centre

Gatherings are at the beautiful, and spacious Rojana Center, Sukhumvit 23

full map, GPS and directions are on the main announcement here.