Tonglen: with Tsewong Rinpoche

Tonglen: The Practice of Taking and Sending


Tsewong Sitar Rinpoche

From 6pm – 8pm, Sunday October 2nd, at the Bangkok Shambhala Center
Meditation, talk, and tonglen practice with Tsewong Rinpoche, followed by a long-life blessing ceremony.
Free and Open to All!

At the the very heart of Mahayana Buddhism is the method of Tong-Len, the practice of Taking and Sending. What we take in, is the negativity, karma and suffering of other sentient beings, and we give out peace, freedom from suffering and positive qualities of all kinds. Surprisingly, instead of this being “toxic” or dangerous for the meditator, it is deeply healing. It clears vast oceans of our own negative karma and helps develop a deep sense of compassion, while freeing us from anxiety and pessimism. It is the ultimate portable practice, useful everywhere in daily life. Tsewong Rinpoche will lead us in a concise explanation and meditation practice of Tong-Len. Long Life Blessing Additionally, Tsewong Rinpoche will transmit the long-life blessing of Red Vajrasattva.

Tsewong Sitar Rinpoche is a master of the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, trained in the Ngakpa traditions since early childhood.  He has had 11 teachers, and has spent over 20 years in solitary retreat.  Rinpoche had the great fortune to meet the renowned Treasure revealer and meditation master, Pegyal Lingpa. From this enlightened yogi of the non-monastic lineage, he received the entire cycle of empowerments, transmissions and teachings of the five volumes of his treasure, the Kusum Gongdu (the Three Kayas of the Guru’s Mind).  PeGyal Lingpa became Rinpoche’s teacher, confirming in writing his reincarnation from Nubchen Rinpoche.  On PeGyal Rinpoche’s passing, Rinpoche became his successor and lineage holder, as confirmed by Kyentse Rinpoche and DoDrup Chen.

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