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Turning 40 — 10 Comments

  1. Big 4 – still living in the UK, not a Buddhist and hating the mess politics was making of teaching.

    Enjoyed reading this – thanks.

    Hope you are keeping well,

    All the Best,


  2. Thanks for sharing your life.
    You made a monk close to human.
    Much metta,

  3. Thanks for the wishes.

    “Almost human” ? Maybe a few more years making Parami, and I will finally qualify


  4. Update – Rubby, Tanya and Vera offered a cake on Sunday afternoon, when poor birthday boy can’t eat any. So they ate it infront of me while I watched dribbling.
    By Tanya’s 4th peice I was worried there would be none left, but I finally got a piece this morning.

  5. Haha… I’m a medical practitioner, it’s my job to notice these things…

    Happy Birthday. I am in Bangkok for a few days, if you’d like to meet or talk, please feel free to contact me.

  6. Sorry you only got one small piece on Thursday. I promise on your 50th BD we’ll give you the whole cake.

    Awesome reflection, we hope to visit you at Wat Paknam again sometime.

  7. What a blast to read the candid reflections of a monk’s life. We’re putting you into the Monk’s Hall of Fame.
    sleep smiling, richard

  8. Thank you for helping me to find an insightful answer for my prolonged doubts. FOG is a part of NATURE. Certainly, cannot control or understand, only observe it all with awareness (sati). A nice coincident to read your story. Thanks.