U Vamsa on Wealth

U Vamsa gave a talk on wealth – spiritual and material, last night to our Little Bangkok Sangha.

‘The Corporation was one movie he mentioned, and also the ‘Money Masters’ which is available to DL.

Jennifer, who was there last night wrote:

Wow! I’ve been listening to The Money Masters for 3-1/2 hours and my jaw’s dropping. It was made in 1996/7 but is eerily clairvoyant. This low-res version is on google video and downloads very easily, even in bandwidth-challenged Thailand. Frankly I’ve only been listening, not watching, because as U. Vamsa said, the narrator is a dweeb and it’s not visually particularly arresting. However it’s unbelievably interesting and scary.

Dunno if it’s within your purview to post such things, but then again is does come monk-certified:

The Money Masters

If you ever have a spare 3.5 hours, you might enjoy hearing/watching too.

Marcus’s Summary available on his blog: http://marcusjournal.blogspot.com/

The talk ranged from ‘self’ to the financial crisis, to preparing yourself for death and dying, to spiritual wealth and material wealth. Comments are welcome.