Vipassana Retreat, July 2011

Ajahn Helen, at the House of Dhamma in Lard Phrao district of Bangkok, is announcing a weekend retreat organised together with the Young Buddhist Association of Thailand (YBAT).

British born resident of Thailand, Acharn Helen is a Vipassana (Insight) Meditation Master and a Reiki and Magnified Healing Master. She was previously ordained as a Field Reverend in the Mook Rim Society (Korean Zen).

She is an artist and an author, and has been running various courses in meditation and other healing arts at her centre, The House of Dhamma, and other venues for 20+years.

Ajahn Helen will be assisted by Marisa Cranfil – who many regulars here have met already.

The retreat will be in the rear section of YBAT, where yogis should get individual rooms.

Full details of the retreat are on the House of Dhamma website at this link.

For background on YBAT, and a description of what to bring, how to get there etc.. see our previous retreat there:

The announcement runs as follows:

Seven-day Intensive Vipassana Meditation Retreat
Monday, July 25 to Sunday, July 31

Held with YBAT – The Young Buddhists Association of Thailand – at their Pathumthani centre.

Standing, walking, sitting and lying down meditation will be held in group sessions and as individual practice. Vegetarian food and single room accommodation will be provided. Meditators keep eight precepts while on the retreat. The retreats are open to English-speaking adults. It is not necessary to be a Buddhist to take part.

Instruction will be in English, with some Thai translation as necessary. Food is Thai-style vegetarian and en-suite single room accommodation is provided. Advance booking is essential.

Address: YBAT 2 (Sakaa Pathumthani), 19 Moo 16, Tambon Klong 3, Ampur Klong Luang, Changwat Pathumthani, Bangkok 12120.

In Thai: ศูนย์วิปัสสนายุวพุทธฯเฉลิมพระเกียรติ
ศูนย์ ๒ ปทุมธานี     ที่ตั้ง ๑๙    หมู่ ๑๖    ตำบลคลองสาม   อำเภอคลองหลวง   ปทุมธานี ๑๒๑๒๐

โทรศัพท์ ๐-๒๙๘๖-๖๔๐๓-๕      โทรสาร ๐-๒๙๘๖-๖๔๐๓-๔ ต่อ ๑๑๑

Tel. 02-4552525 (Automatic 10 lines) ext. 4209. Fax 02-413-3131(for Thai speakers)

Tel. 02-511-0439 or Fax 02-512-6083 to contact Acharn Helen