WBU Forum: April 09


Topic : The Vessantara Jataka

Date & Time : April 5, 2552(2009), 12:00 – 13.30 : P.M.

Speaker : Dr. Somboon Duangsamosorn

About the Topic : The Vessantara Jataka

The Vessantara Jataka is a well known story from the Buddhist canon, that part of the Tipitaka (one of the Three Baskets) that contains stories, parables and other pronouncements made by the Buddha. A part of pali literature, it is one of the most loved stories and often recited on important occasions at it contains an important teaching of the Buddha at a popular level, the Mahadanaparamita, or the Fulfillment of the Great Donation. The Vessantara Jataka is the story of the Last Life of the Past Ten Lives before the Buddha reaches Enlightenment. There are known to be two kinds of Buddha, i.e the Pajjekabuddha and the Sammasambuddha, the former having attained Enlightenment but unable to form the doctrine, while the Sammasambuddha, meaning The All Enlightened One can do so.

In the Tenth life we learn of the Buddha as a charitable young Prince, named Vessantara who gives up all his valuable possessions, including his children and his wife, which is the act of pattadaradana, by which he becomes the Bodhisattva and is born in this world to become Lord Buddha.

The most important Dhamma points in the story are :

1. Female beauty and dignity
2. The great donation
3. Determination wins over temptation
4. Loving kindness
5. Moderation
6. Gratitude and loyalty
7. Honesty

About the Speaker

Dr. Somboon Duangsamosorn, a former monk, Pali scholar and capable teacher in both religious and secular education institutions, earned his Ph. D. in Political Science. Before his retirement he held administrative positions at Assumption University of Thailand and was visiting professor in China. He also served the World Buddhist University as Moderator and Organizer of Dhamma Talk and remains a frequent speaker here. He now is Honorary Rector of International Buddhist College, Songkhla Province and Province and President, Pali and Dhamma Graduates Club of Nakhon Pathom Province.

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