Navaka Dhamma
Buddha’s Advice for New Yogis

WFB HQ behind Benchasiri Part
Sukhumvit 24 (Emporium)
Sunday 1st September 2-5pm

This September the monthly World Fellowship of Buddhists will be led by Pandit Bhikkhu.

This is a monthly afternoon workshop hosted free of charge in English by the World Fellowship of Buddhists organisation in Bangkok. Various speakers are invited each month.


The Navaka Bhikkhu Dhamma was advice given by the Buddha to his new monks to get them established on the path. But it does not need to apply only to monks, but to anyone who is interested in developing a meditation practise, and ‘Bhavana’ or development of the appropriate spiritual qualities.

Pandit Bhikkhu

Pandit Bhikkhu is from England and got involved with Buddhism when he was 21 back in 1990. Since 1994 he’s been living in the monasteries – starting in the UK, and then ordaining as a Buddhist monk in 1996, in Rajburi province. He since moved to Bangkok and gained a degree in Buddhist Psychology. Currently he is finishing an MA in Buddhist Studies.


The WFB HQ is behind Benchasiri Park – best known as being the park next to Emporium, between Sukhumvit 22 and 24:

wfb map

4 replies on “WFB Monthly Workshop – with Pandit Bhikkhu”

  1. I will mid Nov – mid March be staying the Emporium Suites across the street while our house is under construction. I do occasionally walk into the WFB to sit quietly. During the week it is like a mausoleum.

    The park would be a good spot to have an early AM food share and unstructured dhamma conversation. On Sat AM a lot of small Thai groups are present but on Sunday morning quite empty

  2. How great to hear of events at the WFB! I wish I could come but I’m in San Francisco for work. I hope others will have this opportunity.

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