When Carma drops a hint

When we watched The Secret recently, some of the discussion hovered around Karma; discussion hampered by the fact that no one really knows what Karma is or how it works. Sometimes though, Karma can drop you a hint … in this case that perhaps it is time to slow down :

Driver wakes up in coffin

A Croatian motorist who crashed through an undertakers’ window woke up to find himself in an open coffin.

Radoslav Pokrajac, 30, was thrown from the car through an open window and sailed through the air before landing in a display of the funeral director’s special offers in Sibinj.

“He was very frightened,” said one rescue worker. “When he woke up he didn’t know if he was alive or dead.”

And owner Miro Zirdum said it was not the first time a car had crashed into his shop.

“This is third or fourth time I’ve had a car in my shop,” moaned Zirdum. “And none of them have brought me any business.”