Words from Sayadaw U Jotika

Tomorrow (Tuesday 1st Feb 2011) we are honoured to host Sayadaw U Jotika, a wonderfully humble, inspiring and touching Bhikkhu from Myanmar.

Details of the announcement, bio and Mp3 of his previous talks here

Here is an excerpt from a book of his letters, called Snow in the Summer, p162-3

I have forgotten most of what I have learnt from books. I don’t want to remember too many things. I prefer my ind to be empty, clear and light, and not burdened with learning. I have nothing to prove, nothing to defend, and nothing to propagate.

People are full of conflicting wishes and desires. Most people don’t know what they really want to do. They change their minds back and forth. Inconsistency is the rule. .. Uncertainty is most tiring …

My mind is becoming more and more free of categories, including good and bad, and things like that. I want to see the real nature of phenomena without naming it. I hope nobody misconstrues me. Why is naming do important?