Thursday evening meditation at Ariyasom Villa (Suk Soi 1)


Weekly meeting at Ariyasom Boutique Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 1 for freestyle meditation

  • 6:30 meet
  • 6:55 few meditation tips and instructions
  • 8:00 finish (guaranteed!)

This event is free of charge – small donation to the venue is optional.
There is no need to book or RSVP. There is plenty of space.

This program will continue until Thursday December 3rd, and then we’ll be on hiatus until mid-January. Keep an eye on the Calendar




If you aspire to be a meditation yogi, for whatever reason, then you need to make it an important part of your week. Many poeple get interested, but after an initial burst of enthusiasm, it becomes too easy to turn on the TV instead. Or read a book about meditation instead. Or take a nap!
Well, all thhose passtimes are fine, but really, to benefit, you have to keep up a regular practise.

Here we say 20 minutes a day, just sitting with yourself. No facebook, no TV, no planning, no worrying. Just sit and breathe. Be with yourself. Don’t worry too much about the technique. That will come later. Meditation is like tennis – you really have to just get out there and do it. Later you can brush up on technical aspects.

ariyasom mindfulness meditation hallJoining with others reinforces your practise. It is not that the meditation is better with others, or with a teacher. It is the act of taking yourself out, getting onto the skytrain, and going to join the meditaiton that makes your unconscious get committed, rather than just the ego.

So come and join us. There’s no downside to meditation.



Regulars in Bangkok will be familiar with Ariyasom Villa by now – it is an 8 minute walk from Phloen Cit BTS Station, at the end of Sukhumvit Soi One. Or you can take a motorcylce from the entrance to Soi 1