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Qualities of a Good Man — 4 Comments

  1. any pictures from the day?

    i’m going back to NZ today and i’ll catch up with you once i’m back in a few weeks, in time for the series of dhamma talks.

  2. What a shame that the qualities weren’t gender neutralised. Being a woman and trying to fit in somewhere in the Thai forest tradition is becomingly increasingly more tedious.

    • Thanks for mentioning it – this had not occurred to me.

      One note; the Pali uses three genders, Masc. Fem. and Neuter. Nouns tend to fairly random as to which gender they take. This particular teaching comprises the wodk ‘Purisa’ which is masculine, but used in the Pali to cover both genders much like the word ‘mankind’. So there is no particular gender connotation from the Pali, though the correct translation is ‘man’.