Buddha’s Birthday at the Bangkok Zen Centre

Friday, May the 28th – Buddha’s Birthday!

There is no specific English-language component to the Buddha’s Birthday ceremony and celebrations at the Korean Zen Centre this year, and no organised translation, but anyone interested in Korean Zen (Seon) Buddhism is welcome to attend.

10am onwards – Buddha’s Birthday special ceremony (in Korean).
6pm onwards – Buddha’s Birthday evening celebrations (in Korean).

Please note that most people at both the morning ceremony and the evening celebration will be dressed very formally, with the men in shirts and most of the Korean women in hanbocks. There is no dress code of course, but last year some people said they’d wished they’d been warned in advance!

But rather than coming along as just a spectator, why not get more fully involved? The English-language Zen Club is busy rehearsing a special performance of a Korean Dharma song for the day, and we have room for more people! Contact Marcus through this page for further details!

Wake Up and Laugh: The Bangkok Seon Club – and choir!

Thanks Marcus.

I might add that some background details and map about the Zen club can be found on the previous Zen Club post here:  http://littlebang.org/2010/04/18/calling-all-zen-singers/

Pandit Bhikkhu

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