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More talks with HH Phakchok Rinpoche are scheduled during the week  – Mon 20th, Thrs 23, and Fri 24th:

Monday 20th April

Tawana Hotel 6pm – 9pm

Advice from the Dhammapada on

View, Conduct, Meditation and Fruition

In English with Thai translation. Free of charge

Shakyamuni Buddha’s Anthology of Sayings (Pali Dhammapada) contains a wealth of pithy, profound, perennial, and practical advices that are can be immediately applied to our dharma practice in the midst of our 21st century busy daily lives.
A very practical way of accessing and applying the treasury of the Buddhadhamma is to employ the grid of View, Meditation, Conduct, and Fruition (Pali diṭṭhi, bhāvanā cariyā, and phala). Hence, if we learn and take to heart these few essential key points we will have at our finger tips a complete roadmap of our path to liberation (Pali vimutti). Furthermore, if we assiduously put them into practice authentically, we will certainly fulfill our vow of individual liberation (Pali patimokkha). In short, we can sincerely say that we are Buddhist practitioners.

Part of the ongoing Dhamma program of the Tawan Dhamma Foundation

Tawana Hotel


Thursday, 23 April


Dhamma Center, Tivanon Road, Chaengwattana, Bangkok
Englsih with Thai translation
2pm – 4 pm 

Healing Meditation

There has not been a single sentient being who has never been sick physically or mentally. Once born, the truth of impermanence sooner or later manifests itself as sickness, aging, and death becomes inevitable if no cure can be found. Not all physical illnesses can be cured nevertheless even the terminally ill can be healed. This means that mentally we can learn to accept happily our predicament and serenely face our karma. We can also suffer mentally anywhere between the extremes of mere anxiety to full blown depression, paranoia, and so forth. Finally, specific to us practitioners, we can also suffer from wrong practice, being stuck on side tracks (e.g., becoming attached to divine abilities, positive meditative experiences such as bliss, and so forth). All these three classes of illnesses can be healed by meditation and other skillful means compassionately taught by the Buddha.

Update: directions –

Chancharoen Learning Center
3/1, Soi Saitong 2/1
Tiwanon Soi 45
(Opposite Soi Samaggi)
Chaengwattana Road.

1) Tiwanon Soi 45 is right across from Soi Samaggi. Tiwanon Soi 45 is on your right, if you are coming from the famous Chest Hospital on Tiwanon Road which is on the right side also.

2) Soi Saitong 2/1 is just a few hundred meters from the entrance of Soi 45. It’s the first Soi on your right when you come into Tiwanon Soi 45.

3) The Chancharoen Learning Center was constructed and opened recently. It also encompasses a small community employment training center and a small library, all built recently and financed by a Thai lady for use by the public, for charity purposes.

click to enlarge map:tiwanon-place




Friday 24th April



Four Seals of Buddhism

The unique view of Buddhism can be completely summarized in a mere four line stanza as follow.

All compounds are impermanent
All defilements are unsatisfactory
All phenomena are devoid of self
Nibbana is peace

We Theravadins know this passage much better as the Three Characteristics (Pali Tilakkhaṇa or Three Common Charateristics Samañña-lakkhaṇa) when we chant the following verse.

Sabbe saṅkhārā aniccā
All conditioned things are impermanent
Sabbe saṅkhārā dukkhā
All conditioned things are unsatisfactory
Sabbe dhammā anattā
All things are non-self

These three – impermanence, suffering, and non-self – form the hallmark or seal that sets Buddhist view apart and above all other spiritual and religious views. Together they make the Buddhadhamma unique because they are necessary and sufficient to attain the level of utterly peaceful nibbana whereby all defilements (Pali āsava and kilesa) are completely eradicated. Any teachings that incorporate or comply with these four seals can be considered to be Buddhism. Hence, as Buddhists, we must learn, master, and directly realize these Four Seals of Buddhism.


Bodhagaya Hall, DMG Co. Ltd., Amarin Plaza., Bangkok.
English with Thai translation, free of charge
7pm – 10 pm 

Bodhgaya Hall is in the offices of DMG Books, and is used regularly by a large Thai group of meditators. It is an excellent facility, and very convenient on the skytrain line, Chit Lom Station. The Thai group meets there every Tuesday and Wednesday.

The address is Amarin Plaza, Level 22, 496-502 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

Get out at Chit Lom Skytrain Station, and walk or take the lift (‘elevator’ to Americans) down to the ground floor of the Amarin Tower. From the ground floor, take the lift up to the 22nd floor. DMG is on the right hand side on the 22nd floor, and there is a nice coffee shop there, so you can arrive early for events and meet some of the regulars.

You cannot get up to the 22nd floor via the lift in the Amarin plaza itself. You must go to the lifts on the ground floor, to access the office block above the Amarin Plaza.

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  1. RE: thurs 23rd, location detail; Hey, I’m on Tiwanon twice a day… so if you could publish, maybe say a number to narrow down the street search for me …or is it that big Wat I have to bike around to get to the orphanage? …or is it the hospital just a bit further south? …or the big lawn place with the school where the baby elephant comes to feed?! Come on, give a girl a little help here, I am pedelling after all!

  2. The regular Shambhala Group Monday Evening Meditation will be postponed this week so that everyone can attend the talk by Rinpoche at the Tawana.

  3. I would like to come to the talk on Healing Meditation but not sure if there is a BTS or MRT nearby?

  4. from Bangkok take taxi; cost 200B.
    Go on expressway/#31 take the Chaengwattana/#304 exit, and veer/turn left toward Pak Kret.

    Go couple miles. Turn left onto Tiwanon/#306. Keep going past irrigation golf course, then just over the klong take u-turn (opposite Samakee) and get to the far left lane, soi 45 will be first left.

    Turn left onto 45 go straight (“main” pavement will veer left). The first big soi to right is Saitong. Turn right onto Saitong, then look for beautiful new complex on the left! No english on outside of building but has 3/1 on low gate.

    DO NOT tell taxi “Samaggi” it is Samakee or Samakhi, a very known street in my neighborhood. (Samaggi is not)

  5. Please reserve a place for me on Thursday thanks!

    I have one spare place in a car going (but probably not coming back) on Thursday…

    Anyone in the Sukhumvit area who would like to travel out with us? Let me know via email


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